Check Bluetooth Radio Status

Having Bluetooth built into a Windows laptop or computer is crucial. Speakers, a mouse, a keyboard, a phone, and so forth can all be connected. Bluetooth troubleshooting is the first line of defence against malfunctions.

Quickly locating and fixing issues is made easier with the aid of a troubleshooter. But what if the troubleshooter is unable to fix the problem? There have been reports of the Bluetooth troubleshooter utility displaying a warning message reading “check Bluetooth radio status” after being used in the face of difficulties.

There could be several reasons why this message was sent. Read on for details on how to dismiss the alert and quickly resolve any Bluetooth connectivity troubles you may be experiencing.

Given that there is more than one possible explanation, it follows that there must be more than one viable course of action. However, in order to save you time, we are going to recommend the best and most common solution first.

Hoe to Fix Check Bluetooth Radio Status

The Bluetooth Troubleshooter, available in Windows 11 and 10, can instantly fix the vast majority of Bluetooth problems. If, however, the troubleshooter gives you the message “Check Bluetooth radio status – Not resolved,” then you can use this technique to rectify the issue. Since the troubleshooter is currently ineffective, we will have to resort to manual troubleshooting.

Check Bluetooth Radio Status

Method 1: Reboot Your Computer.

Restarting the computer is usually all that’s needed to get everything working again. As the system will be reset to its original state, you can attempt again if something is stuck in the system. If it doesn’t work, a complete shutdown might be in order.

Method 2: Activate the System Utilities (SFC and DISM)

If a corrupt system file is the cause of your issue, the built-in System Tools should be able to correct it.

Using an elevated command prompt or PowerShell, run the following instructions in order.

SFC /scannow

When run online, DISM.exe can clean up the image and restore its health.
Any damaged file can be repaired or replaced with the use of these two instructions.

In the event of file corruption, an error message will be displayed.

Method 3: Delete the Driver and Restart

In these cases, updating the driver or, preferably, uninstalling it, restarting, and letting Windows take care of any remaining issues is usually all that’s required.

  1. If you press Win and then X and M, you’ll bring up the Windows Device Manager.
  2. Please enlarge the Bluetooth section.
  3. Select “Uninstall Driver” from the context menu after right-clicking the Bluetooth Radio.
    Simply restart the machine.
  4. This driver will be installed automatically by Windows the next time you log in.

This issue may be resolved by reverting to an earlier version of the Bluetooth driver if you just updated it.

Method 4: Restart Bluetooth Services

Type Services.msc in the Run prompt (Win + R) and hit the Enter key to open Services snap-in.

Using the right mouse button, you can Restart the Bluetooth Support Service.

If there was an error with the associated service, it will be restarted and an error message will be displayed.

Once done, you can try to toggle off and on the Bluetooth option.

If any paired devices are malfunctioning, you can try unpairing them and then repairing the Bluetooth device as a final resort.

I am crossing my fingers that the Troubleshooter was successful in fixing the problem.

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