15 Sites Like Craigslist I Alternatives to Craigslist

If you are fond of buying and selling used items locally, the first place to visit is online website such as Craigslist. Craigslist has a great deal to offer to its sellers. It is absolutely free to list as well as sell stuff on Craigslist. And since most transactions are local, users can get their money and also get rid of their stuff quite quickly.

However, if you are not comfortable using Craigslist for some reason or you wish for more classified websites to choose from, then here are some great Craigslist alternatives for you. These alternatives allow their users to sell, buy or trade online. If you are looking for a change in your online selling experience, keep reading.

Top 15 Craigslist Alternatives

If you are searching for websites similar to Craigslist then you are at the right place. There are various Craigslist alternatives that one can consider. Here is our list of best Craigslist alternatives. Check out all the details of these websites. We are sure that you will find a better way of selling stuff online using one of the websites mentioned below.

1 – Facebook

Most people see Facebook as a place to chat with friends and see their latest status updates or a place to watch viral videos. What most people don’t know about Facebook is that it also serves as a great platform for buying and selling locally.

Since almost everyone has an account on Facebook, its “for sale” listings are bound o be quite numerous. In fact, one might be surprised at the huge number of items being listed for sale on this platform. If you are unable to sell something as quickly as you like on Craigslist, we recommend you consider selling your item on Facebook.

All one has to do is type the name of their local city and online yard sale in order to find their local selling groups. Another way is simply clicking on the button that says “Buy and Sell Groups” present in the Explore menu. Or, users can also click on the Marketplace tab present on the left sidebar of their Facebook page.

Users can search for particular keywords within the group if they are looking for a specific product to purchase. If the user doesn’t submit any search criteria, then their result will look like normal Facebook news feed. They’ll be displayed in the order of their posting.

It is advised that one must read the rules of the group before listing any product to sell. Some of the groups are more restrictive as compared to others. Users can’t sell firearms with any Facebook Yard Sale groups just like Craigslist. Selling stuff on Facebook is free of cost.

2 – Letgo

We believe you must have seen the tv commercials of Letgo with the literal “cliffhanger” a year or two ago. Other than Facebook, Letgo is possibly the most popular alternative of Craigslist. In fact, Letgo is a little better than Facebook when it comes to grouping product listings. Users can search for general categories or particular keywords, for example, Accessories and Fashion. This feature makes searching for items easier on Letgo in some ways.

Moreover, website of Letgo is a more attractive in comparison. As soon as the users open the website’s home page, they will see pictures of items recently listed for sale. Users can also view the additional sale items from the same seller easily when they click on a product listing.

In addition to all of that, Letgo is a lot safer than Craigslist. Users have to verify their Facebook or Google account in order to create a Letgo profile. Where Craigslist has a very clean and simple platform, Letgo on the other hand let its sellers to get a lot more detailed. For instance, in addition to pictures users are also allowed to post videos with Letgo.

Finally, Letgo is also very convenient. Users communicate via their application while interacting with a potential seller or buyer. As a result, they don’t need to list your email address or phone number. This feature helps some sellers and buyers feel more safe and comfortable regarding conducting a transaction with strangers.

3 – Swappa

Swappa helps its users sell and buy a wide variety of electronic items including cameras, video games, cell phones, tablet, watches and many more. Moreover, Swappa also helps its users in selling and buying smart home equipments, for example, streaming devices, voice assistants and thermostats. And the best part is that as a seller users don’t have to pay anything to sell stuff on Swappa.

Although buyers are asked to pay a small fee in order to buy on Swappa as it helps assist with the sales to make sure everything goes smoothly. However, this fee is completely refundable in case the buyer is not satisfied with the product after they have received it.

4 – Recycler

If you are a resident in some large United States city, Recycler can be a great alternative for Craigslist for you. It started in Southern California as a local classified newspaper. In 2010, Recycler became a national marketplace and today it boasts 18 million users monthly.

People can use Recycler to find places to rent, sell or buy pets, used cars and lot more just like Craigslist. When selling on Recycler, users can very easily post their listings to Twitter as well as Facebook. Users can also use some help from paid ads to boost their exposure on Recycler in order to target specific markets or buyers.

5 – Offerup

As far as the alternatives of Craigslist are concerned, this particular alternative is relatively small. But, Offerup still has a wide range of product listings. It has become quite popular in the recent years with around 23 million app downloads. Offerup was also honored with the App of the Year award by Geekwire. Visitors and sellers can also broadcast their listings on Facebook.

Both sellers and buyers receive ratings on offerup. This helps in making the sales process more secure and keeping the scammers to a minimum.

The platform allows its users to make their own offer or accept the seller’s listed price in order to live up to its namesake. Moreover, users can also add listings to their watch list in case they are not ready to purchase it at once.

6 – Oodle

This Craigslist has a slightly different way on helping its users sell or buy locally. With other websites, users can only see the listings which sellers physically posted on that particular marketplace. However, with Oodle, some of the listings are posted directly on the platform. But they also comb the other alternatives of Craigslist to expand their listings.

For example, users might see cars listed on Cars.com along with the vehicles sold by an actual Oodle member. Oodle has also proved to be a great way of selling or buying antiques as they also list products from eBay for the sake of local pickup.

Moreover, it also allows its sellers to advertise listings through Facebook too. Oodle has a massive array of categories including personals, pets and services.

7 – Bookoo

Bookoo was started as a family friendly alternative of Craigslist. Users can advertise a yard sale or list items in order to sell one at a time. There are various Bookoo locations situated all over the country. Most of the locations are in towns with the military bases. This made it easy for the military personals to sell and buy their belongings according to their most recent move.

In order to help become even more personal, it has made its sellers create a profile which includes a picture and a short bio. In addition to that, the profile also lists the items users have listed previously.

Although this website is kind of small in comparison to the others with 2,355,912 current members. But it certainly is an easy place for selling and buying. Bookoo also has a live chat support along with a social media fell which is also quite family-friendly.

8 – Geebo

Geebo was founded in the year 1999. It allows its users to sell or buy merchandise, vehicles, services, real estate and heavy equipment in 160 communities. If you live in some major city like Chicago or Los Angeles, we really think that you should give Geebo a chance. It could also be a great choice if you are a resident in some mid-major city like Tulsa, Virginia Beach or Cincinnati.

Geebo offers its users “Safe Trade” transactions in order to make selling and buying more secure as compared to other online classified websites. A “Safe Trade” occurs if sellers and buyers agree to meet at the local police department.

In case you feel hesitant in trying Craigslist because meeting at a random public parking lot makes you feel unsafe, Geebo can be the best Craigslist alternative for you.

9 – Hoobly

In comparison to all the Craigslist alternatives on our list, Hoobly is the most identical look and feel Craigslist alternative. Users can look for literally anything on this website. Moreover, the product listings are in Europe and Canada.

Users might have their most success with this site by buying or selling pets as there are a lot of listings for this particular category in comparison to other merchandise categories listed. In addition, it’s absolutely free of cost to shop and post on Hoobly.

10 – PennySaver USA

Back in the day, you may have picked up the free PennySaver newspaper from a newspaper stand at the grocery store or at the street corner. Surprisingly enough, PennySaver has moved on to become a website now. Users can find all sorts of local deals by simply entering their zip codes. Although they still publish their printed editions as well.

Users can publish their paid ads on PennySaver too. It is just like the classified section in the local newspapers.

11 – Ads Globe

It is an online newspaper classified advertisement service. Using Ads Global, people can post countless ads for almost any category including autos, rentals, merchandise, travel, real estate and pets. This Craigslist alternative also allows its users to advertise their business events or services.

12 – ClassifiedAds.com

This website is completely free to use, and users can sell or buy almost anything they want. ClassifiedAds.com has a very decent layout and is reminiscent of classified ads that one would see in newspapers except with pictures uploaded.

Just like the other Craigslist alternatives, users will have the most success using this website if they live in some large city. Although, the site also have boards for a lot of smaller regions across each state too.

13 – US Free Ads

This website has been in the business since the year 1999. US Free Ads has a quite basic layout which is reminiscent of circa-2000 sites. Unlike the other websites on our list that allows their users to post unlimited posts for selling, a free US Free Ads membership enables it users to only list 2 products at one time.

Hence, if you are a frequent seller and wish for additional selling features on US Free Ads, you are required to upgrade. The US Free Ads Golden membership is of $10 per year that enables 25 ads at one time. If Golden membership is not good enough for you, then you can go for Premium membership which costs $9.99 every month for unlimited ads.

However, to buy stuff on US Free Ads, all you need is a free membership. According to US Free Ads, most popular listings on their website are horses, houses and dogs.

14 – Locanto

This website provides online classifieds in more than 6- countries. Most major cities of United States have a Locanto board. This website also accepts paid ads from the national retailers which mean not all the listings will be local.

Users will have their best chances with this website if they live in Miami, New York or Los Angeles, as these cities are the featured boards of Locanto.

Posting ads on a city board costs no charges. But the users can pay extra in order to extend the ads to additional cities. They can also pay for removing third-party ads from their listing. And by paying some additional fee, users can get their ad to the top of the buyers’ search results.

15 – USA Today Classifieds

USA Today is undoubtedly one of the most popular newspapers. It is highly capable of presenting latest news in a digestible format. USA Today also provides a classified section for online edition and print.

This alternative is suitable only if you have a big-ticket item for selling as it will cost you to publish the listing. However, in return you will get a wide exposure to prospective buyers.

There Are Other Choices

Craigslist is not right for everyone for a lot of reasons. It could be a non-option because of security concerns or because sellers’ items aren’t selling there. Fortunately, there are plenty of Craigslist alternatives out there which can help you sell your stuff and earn some cash.

Based on where you live, some of these Craigslist alternatives are best suited for you than others. But only time and experience can help you learn how to make right websites for you. Next time you are planning on selling something online, give one of these websites a shot and we assure you that you will be surprised by the results. Thank you for reading!

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