Dev Error 6034 XBox

An Xbox with the Dev error 6034 may have Modern Warfare files or updates installed that are incompatible with one another. In addition, a faulty installation of the game could be to blame for the problem.

When attempting to run Modern Warfare on Xbox, players may encounter an error message reading “6034” from the game’s developer. This is not a problem exclusive to any single Modern Warfare map.

Dev Error 6034 XBox

Make sure that the Modern Warfare data is separated between two storage devices before continuing with the solution (e.g. both internal and external). In such scenario, you’ll need to figure out if moving the game’s data to internal RAM can fix the problem.

Dev Error 6034 Xbox

Method 1: Cache

If the Xbox cache has been corrupted, the Modern Warfare error code “dev” may appear. You should first try clearing the Xbox’s cache to see if that helps.

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Turning off your Xbox is as simple as pressing the power button. The next step is to wait 60 minutes after you have unplugged the Xbox from its power source.

Your Xbox’s wire is detached from the console’s rear. The Xbox’s power cable plugs into a wall outlet on the console’s underside. The Xbox One console is ready to be turned on when the orange indicator light appears on its side.

If that doesn’t work, just hold on until the green light comes on. Turn off the game machine. The console might not start working for a while. If you see this problem message, you may be able to contact Microsoft Support.

Method 2: Vacant Reserved Areas Are Emptied.

The Xbox’s save game file can be used to keep Modern Warfare updated with the most recent fixes. Video game set in the present day’s “Modern Warfare” setting. The developer error might be fixed if you tried to free up the reserved area in the game.

Select MW then go to Tools > Options. To manage games, select the Tab for Add-ons.

Finding the tab where data can be saved and RS can be launched follows. You may access your saved game data from the Saved tab. In that case, you can just erase them and boot up your console normally.

Method 3: Change DNS Server Settings

Game performance may suffer from wrong DNS settings. You can see if the issue is fixed by switching your DNS settings to Google DNS or Open DNS. By using the Xbox buttons on the controller, you can access the Settings menu.

  1. Launch Xbox’s configuration menu. Select Network from the Settings menu. Select Advanced Network Settings from the Network menu in the Xbox Settings.
  2. Click Manual and then enter the Primary and Secondary values. Xbox allows users to directly access the DNS configuration menu. You can combine many commands into a single one by using the “or” operator.

Method 4: Control Extras

The issue can be fixed by uninstalling the game or expansion pack completely. To avoid having to buy a second copy of the game, make sure your MAC address has been removed before turning on the system. You should get rid of these files:

  • The 9.1 GB Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Soundtrack in MP3 Format
  • Multiplayer 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.4 GB
  • Microsoft Support is available if you need assistance.

Uninstall the multiplayer pack and reinstall it in a different way if it isn’t functioning properly after an update.

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Reinstalling the game is the nuclear option if none of the preceding troubleshooting steps work.

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