Elden Ring Connection Error Returning to Your World

Using the game’s online function, players can enter each other’s worlds to complete missions and battle bosses. Considering Elden Ring’s complexity, this is sure to be appreciated by many. However, many players are encountering an Elden Ring connection issue, suggesting that the feature isn’t functioning properly. There are a few things you can try if you’ve encountered the problem.

Fix: Elden Ring Connection Error Returning to Your World

Elden Ring Connection Error Returning to Your World

Method 1: Changing Internet Connection

Your internet connection may be to blame for the Elden Ring connection fault. If you or a friend are frequently getting kicked from the game with the error, it’s possible that intermittent latency spikes in your internet connection are to blame. Connectivity troubleshooting is the next step in fixing the problem.

If you have a reliable mobile internet connection or the possibility to switch to a different internet service provider, try playing the game from your mobile device. The frequency with which some ISPs make these mistakes is likewise variable. Changing your Internet service provider is the first step in tracking down the source of the issue.

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Method 2: Check the Servers

The most likely cause of the Elden Ring’s “Connection Error Occurred.” message is a malfunctioning connection. There could be a server problem if you keep getting “Returning to Your World.” With every platform taken into account, the game consistently has over a million players.

It could be putting an undue burden on the servers, leading to inevitable drops in connection. If you suspect server issues, your best bet is to keep trying, play when there are fewer users online, and wait for FromSoftware to roll out a permanent fix.

Method 3: Transform Your Domain Name System Servers

A DNS server problem could possibly be to blame for your persistent lag. When playing games online, we prefer using Google’s DNS service. Using Google’s DNS servers is easy; here’s how you make the switch.

PS4 System Specs

  1. To change your PlayStation’s settings, start at the main menu.
  2. Navigate to Network, then Internet, then Connections. Custom
  3. If you are using a cable, choose LAN; if you are using a wireless connection, choose Wi-Fi.
  4. Then, go into Custom and set the IP Address Settings to Automatic, the DHCP Host Name to Specify, the DNS Settings to Manual, and the Primary and Secondary DNS to and respectively, the MTU Settings to Automatic, and the Proxy Server Settings to Specify No Proxy.
  5. In order to save and restart the PS4, please do the following.

For PS5

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Network > Network Settings > from the main menu. Connect to the Internet > Manual Configuration > Wireless Local Area Network The Domain Name System (DNS) Settings menu Put as the primary DNS in the field >. To set the secondary DNS, enter

Xbox One

  1. Press the Xbox button, then go to Settings, then All Settings, then Network, then Advanced Settings, then DNS Settings, then Manual to access the Fox Xbox One Open Guide. Primary Domain Name Server >

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Method 4: Disabling in-Game Voice Chat 

help certain gamers who are experiencing the Elden Ring connection problem. In order to use the video chat function in-game, you must be connected to the internet. When you are connected to the internet, select the Network menu item from the Settings menu to activate voice chat. Try turning off voice chat and seeing if it helps.

You can try each of the solutions we’ve provided, but it’s likely that the servers themselves are to blame for the Elden Ring connection error. As more players abandon ship over the next few days, the issue should abate along with the server load.

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