Failed To Download Attachment From Multimedia Message

“Failed To Download Attachment From Multimedia Message” might happen for a number of reasons, such as a corrupt cache barrier or corrupt data of the MMS service, or because of an error in your APN settings or a problem with your messaging app.

Because of the complexities involved, the problem could be caused by either your phone’s operating system or the service providers of the multimedia app you’re using.

The following methods, including clearing your phone’s cache and many others, can help you fix the multimedia message error.

Failed To Download Attachment From Multimedia Message

Fix: “Failed To Download Attachment From Multimedia Message”

The top three solutions to the problem of “Failed To Download Attachment From Multimedia Message” are:-

Method 1: Make Sure Your Phone’s Cache is Empty.

Your phone’s MMS services rely on cache to store and retrieve data quickly and efficiently. This message issue could occur because of a problem with your phone’s cache or data services. For a solution, read on.

  • Turn your phone’s app locks off.
  • To access the display system, select More and then press once.
  • To access the MMS service’s archive, simply select it.
  • Select the Clear Cache option, and then restart the device.
  • Check if the error still exists by attempting to download a multimedia message’s attachment.

Method 2: Verify the Network Mode

If you are trying to download an MMS attachment while connected to WiFi, you may be unable to do so unless you have enabled this feature. Multimedia message attachments cannot be downloaded when WiFi is on on your phone.

Please use this procedure to rectify the situation.

  • Slide the top of your screen to unlock your phone.
  • Then, disable WiFi and turn on mobile data, after which you can attempt downloading an MMS attachment to see if the fault has disappeared.


  • Go to your phone settings, find a cell network.
  • Select the network that will be used most frequently.
  • Move to a different network mode, such as LTE or automatic, and see whether the problem still persists.

Method 3: Automatic MMS Message Retrieval: On/Off Switch

Fixing an MMS problem might be as simple as turning on or off Auto-retrieve.

When activated, auto-retrieve prompts your phone to download any attached multimedia files, which can be convenient in some situations but incredibly unpleasant in others.

As a result, we can fix this problem by enabling or disabling it, depending on our situation.

  • Select “Auto Clicker Download” from the menu of your messaging app.
  • Once the settings have been tapped
  • The Auto-Retriever can be turned off at this time. Turn off the phone and then turn it back on.
  • When you turn on your phone again, make sure. If your phone has an automated MMS download feature, you may turn it off in the same way.


If you are having “Failed To Download Attachment From Multimedia Message”, try one of the three solutions we’ve outlined above.

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