How To Make A Heart in Minecraft

Can you run about freely in your Minecraft town? Put large statues of hearts all throughout the place. Find out the steps to creating a heart in Minecraft right here.

How To Make A Heart in Minecraft

The Minecraft village you’ve been working on might finally be complete. It seems like you’ve accomplished everything you set out to do: build a farm, a house, etc. However, despite your best efforts, you cannot shake the feeling that something is missing.

How To Make A Heart in Minecraft

That’s a typical sentiment, and it’s hard to shake in Minecraft. What about erecting a monument? Your town needs a focal point, so put up a huge heart-shaped statue in the centre of town. This is only one example of the many possibilities players have in Minecraft.

The topic of how to construct a heart in Minecraft, however, remains unanswered. Let me explain it in simple terms. By according to a specific set of instructions, you can construct a large heart monument for your town.

To make your heart, you’ll need wool blocks in the color(s) of your choice. The rest is simply constructing the heart piece by block with care.

Needed Minecraft Heart Making Materials

Making a Minecraft heart statue doesn’t require a lot of materials. When constructing the tower, you can use whatever kind of blocks you like. The wool pieces will be used to construct the heart in this tutorial. There are three distinct kinds of wool required.

  • Yarn, black
  • Reddish wool
  • White fleece

The materials for your own Heart Statue are in your hands.

Instructions for Constructing a Heart in Minecraft

Once you have your materials, following this method will help you construct the ideal heart.

  1. Pick a level spot to lay the foundation of your love. How big your heart ends up being is also a factor here.
  2. Then, in the centre, put two of the black wool blocks.
  3. After setting down the first two blocks, arrange four black wool blocks on the right side in a diagonal upward motion.
  4. To the left, arrange four more black wool blocks in the same manner.
  5. Now, on top of the black wool blocks, arrange a diagonal of four red wool blocks heading upward.
  6. If you want to do the same thing for both the left and right sides, just do it twice.
  7. It’s time to finish the corner by stacking two red wool blocks atop a black wool block. This must be done on both sides.
  8. Connect the two black wool blocks adjacent to the red ones you’ve already set up. In the same way, do the same thing to both sides once again.
  9. Raise a structure made of four Red wool blocks on top of the outermost black wool blocks, with another tower made of four black wool blocks attached to it on either side. To complete, stack one Black wool block atop the red blocks in the highest position.
  10. This process must be repeated for the opposite side as well.
  11. Now, beginning at the top of the building where you just placed the Black wool block, make a line of three Red wool blocks heading inward. Then, stack three red wool blocks above three black blocks.
  12. Place a single Black wool block in front of the Red blocks to round off the three-block line. Make sure to do this on both the right and left sides of the building.
  13. To complete, hang a Red wool block from either end of the centre, beneath one of the Black wool blocks.
  14. Now we’ll put two more of the black wool blocks in between them.
  15. Now that the framework is finished, you may fill the empty space in the middle with Red wool. Put two white wool blocks in the top right corner.
  16. All right, that’s it for today. Now you may impress your fellow villagers with your massive heart-shaped statue. It would be a great addition to any town you would create. Keep in mind that the heart’s size and hue are entirely up to you; feel free to experiment with other options.


After reading this, we hope you’ll be able to construct this massive heart-shaped monument with ease. We Appreciate You Taking the Time to Read Our Minecraft Heart Guide.

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