How To Make A Lantern in Minecraft

Lighting is one of the most difficult parts of finishing your greatest Minecraft house ideas. The use of glowstone and other such blocks is distracting, and the use of more conventional tools, such as a flashlight, seems inappropriate.

A lantern is our last, best hope for a reliable solution, and we’re lucky to have such a good one. You won’t need any other forms of illumination after you discover how to make a lantern in Minecraft. They are visually pleasing, functional, and simple to make.

They also offer a more subdued soul lantern model, in case you’re looking for diversity. With that out of the way, let’s get started building a Minecraft lantern.


How To Make A Lantern in Minecraft

Construct a Minecraft Light Source (2023)

We’ll start with the materials needed to make a light in Minecraft, and then discuss how to put it to good use. If you’re curious about the specifics of the crafting process, though, you can use the table below as a guide.

Minecraft: Explaining the Lantern

Lanterns, as their name implies, are a form of illumination that can be put like bricks. In terms of luminosity, they are on par with lava, beacons, and other similar building blocks. The uniqueness of these items, however, is in their design.

Even though they function like blocks, the lanterns’ compact shape gives the impression of less visual clutter. A lantern’s head chain is attached to the top of the lantern. This makes them look like they are suspended from the block below.

Look at how awesome that is! While placed on a flat surface, however, the same lantern’s chain takes on a different look, even when using the same lantern. This creates the illusion of a lantern’s handle.

Multiple Minecraft Lantern Varieties

To be more precise, lanterns get their light from burning fuel. There are only two sorts of lanterns in the game because of this: the regular lantern and the soul lantern. The typical lantern has an orange and yellow colour scheme. In contrast, the colour of the soul lantern is blue.

Note that only the standard lantern, with its light level of 15, is among the group of brightest light sources. The light output of the soul lantern is only 10, making it far less powerful than a Minecraft Nether gateway. The design and needs of your space will determine which lantern option is best for you.

Minecraft: Where to Find the Lights

Standard lanterns can be found in the following places, of course:

  1. Villages in the Snowy Tundra
  2. Remains of a Bastion

They are typically found in the town atop the pillars that surround farms and some other structures. The Remnants’ lanterns appear at completely unpredictable intervals and locations. However, old towns are the only places where soul lanterns can be obtained through natural means. To my knowledge, that is the only place in Minecraft where soul lanterns generate organically.

Find Candles for Trade

Obtaining standard lanterns from village librarian apprentices will cost you an emerald. But at no tier do they distribute soul lamps.

Equipment Necessary to Construct a Light Source

In Minecraft, to make a lantern you will need the following materials:

  1. Eight Garnets
  2. A Lighter or Torch (for Regular Lantern)
  3. Fire for the Heart (for Soul Lantern)
  4. Stationary Workstation

When an iron ingot is placed in the workshop, it can be smelted down into iron nuggets. You can get nine iron nuggets from a single ingot. However, only eight are required to make a lantern. Make an iron ingot quickly and easily with the help of our Minecraft ore distribution tutorial.

You can also use a smoker, furnace, or blast furnace to smelt iron if you happen to have some spare equipment of that type lying around. It doesn’t matter how strong or what kind of iron thing you smelt; you always get one iron nugget as a result.

Minecraft: Making a Torch

Soul torches and normal torches are two of the torch types in Minecraft. The standard method for making a torch involves putting a piece of coal or charcoal in a cell above a stick in the workshop. A standard lantern can be crafted with the help of this torch.

However, a soul torch must be fashioned rather than an ordinary torch if one is to create a soul lantern. Create it by putting a chunk of soul soil or soul sand in the cell below the stick and a chunk of coal or charcoal on top of it. Both torch recipes are made using a vertical crafting sequence and can be created in any crafting column.

Tutorial on How to Make a Lamp in Minecraft

Both of these lights have a straightforward construction plan. The centre cell of the crafting area is where you should put the torch or soul torch. The next step is to fill every other cell around the torch with iron nuggets. The lantern will appear, and you can drag it into your inventory from here.

Using a Lantern

Once the lantern is created, it can be hung from any block by placing it below it. You can also make a lamp out of it by setting it on another block. Be sure to use a pickaxe, though, when you do (can be made out of any material). Even when broken with a hammer, the lantern vanishes without a trace.

Minecraft Lantern Functions

In the game, a lantern can serve the following functions:

  1. As a means of illuminating your Minecraft home
  2. The snow can be progressively melted by the lantern’s powerful light.
  3. Like soul fire, the soul lantern is effective in keeping piglins at bay.

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