How To Make Charcoal in Minecraft

You’re thinking about making a meat dish, right? Is it possible to do a smell test on some ore samples? Create a stone pillar? When doing any kind of burning, fuel is usually required. Coal is the most typical type of this, however suppose you have a personal aversion to coal.

What if you have never worked in mining before? You probably aren’t a “finite” kind of man, but let’s assume that for the sake of argument. You’re into regenerative activity, if you will. So, I’ve got just what you need, Charcoal.

How To Make Charcoal in Minecraft

To Begin, What Exactly is The Charcoal?

Just what is Charcoal, then? There are a few reasons why this Minecraft feature is not as popular as others. To put it simply, it’s a substitute for coal. Coal was traditionally mined for use in heating appliances and lighting devices.

In its place, charcoal can be used. But how can you actually get it? To be honest, it’s not that complicated.

Recipe for Charcoal in Minecraft

Creating charcoal in Minecraft requires wood, a crafting bench, and a furnace. Even though wood is the primary material, tools like the crafting table and furnace make it easier to turn raw logs into wooden planks and finished metal products.

Charcoal in Minecraft: Where to Find It

Charcoal can be made by simply smelting any kind of wooden log in a furnace. The discussion is over. I must interrupt you at this juncture. You yell, “What will I use to smelt the log?” No, I’m not particularly concerned.

A log, a coal hilt, a stick, or even another log might suffice as a sword. Ultimately, it makes no difference. For as long as your nose can detect it. In place of Coal, you can use charcoal, which has the same 80-second smelting duration.

Thus, the process of turning logs into charcoal is more efficient than any other method of using wood as a fuel source. Although they serve similar purposes, Charcoal and Coal cannot be stacked with one another. Charcoal is the Coal of convenience.

In comparison to Coal, the main drawback of using Charcoal is that it can’t be transformed into a block. In case you didn’t know, you may transform a single piece of coal into a Block of Coal, which can be used in any furnace and burns for 800 seconds.

When compared to using a single Coal, this method is 10 times more efficient, making the use of blocks the preferable option. It’s the only practical benefit that Coal provides.


  • Powered Charcoal and coal are the only fuel options for Minecarts.
  • Charcoal is a renewable energy source that may be used in log smelting to earn the “Renewable Energy” Achievement.
  • Since coal and charcoal first felt the same, distinguishing between the two was difficult. This texture was updated to a brand new one.
  • Charcoal is dropped when a campfire is broken without the use of Silk Touch.


So, now you know everything you need to know to organise your fueling strategies. Vanilla Tree farms can be a good source of renewable energy in Minecraft, especially if you never want to mine again and value environmental sustainability above all else.

For massive Stone production or simultaneous ore smelting, charcoal isn’t my go-to fuel source, but hey, whatever works for you. That being stated, I wish you all a wonderful day!

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