How To Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

Nature blocks with the dark hue mud are abundant in the biome known as Mangrove Swamps. This grimy slab has some utility despite its appearance.

The versatility of mud as a crafting and construction material sets it apart from other types of natural blocks. Here’s a quick and simple guide to making your own mud bricks at home.

Tracking down and Collecting Mud

How To Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

In mangrove swamp biomes, mud is produced naturally at all depths (above and below water and on land). It has a gloomy appearance and makes a squelching sound when walked upon.

Nonetheless, you are in luck if you are having trouble locating a Mangrove Swamp. No matter what Biome you’re in, you can always make a mud block in your base. A simple water bottle will suffice.

An ordinary Dirt Block can be transformed into a Mud Block by right-clicking a Water Bottle on it. When combined with an infinite supply of Water, Mud Blocks can be produced indefinitely.

Grass Blocks are immune to this effect because they are made of grass. The same holds true for unpaved roads and farmland.

The break rate of mud blocks is considerably increased through farming, which can be done by hand or using a Shovel.

Mud is useful for creating horse stables and other similar structures since it adds a layer of grime and dirt to the overall look.

Recipe for Packed Mud in Minecraft

  • 1 Soil Brick
  • 1 Wheat

You can now begin creating your Mud Bricks after you have collected enough Mud. It takes some time and effort, but the payoff is enjoyable.

Making Packed Mud is the first step in creating your own Mud Bricks. When you mix the two together, you get Packed Mud.

The procedure is quite close to the one used in the real world to create Mud Bricks. They have always been constructed this way in the construction industry.

Recipe for Mud Bricks in Minecraft

  • Mud Blocks, Packed, 4 of Them

In order to make Mud Bricks, you will need to combine 4 Packed Mud blocks together. You will receive 4 Mud Bricks as a result, which is good news because it implies we can produce the same number of bricks from a single bag of Packed Mud.

The Bricks can be used to construct Mud Brick Steps, Mud Brick Slabs, and Mud Brick Walls, just like Stone Bricks. All other material blocks can be compared to the behaviour of these ones.

Even a Wooden Pickaxe or a higher quality Pickaxe will be able to break this material, hence it doesn’t have the highest Blast Resistance. Nonetheless, their hue makes them useful for construction and decoration.

Creating Walls with Mud Blocks

You can do whatever you want with your Mud Bricks and Mud Brick varieties now that you have them. Their welcoming hue works with bodies of all sizes.

They are great for making little shacks, but they also blend well with Clay Bricks and other warm-toned blocks to make impressive structures. It would be ideal if people living in the swamps built their homes out of mud bricks and added touches of mangrove or crimson stem.

Experiment with different colour combinations to find one that you like. When making Minecraft furniture, they add a whole other dimension.


Find some Frogs and some Mud by making your way through these swampy areas. Having these critters on your side will aid you in your battles against Slimes and Magma Cubes, and there are additional benefits for doing so.

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