Keisha Lance Bottoms Its Time To Pass The Baton

“It is time to pass the torch,” Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) said in remarks on Friday about her decision not to run for a second term in office.

Mayor Keisha Lance

It has become crystal evident to Bottoms that he must hand the reins on to someone else. Her comments came just hours after she made the shocking revelation that she would not be running for re-election in this year’s election.

Keisha Lance Bottoms Its Time To Pass The Baton

Bottoms told reporters at City Hall that she has been debating whether or not to seek for re-election since the beginning of her term as mayor. She didn’t give a specific explanation for her decision, but she indicated that her heart was no longer in the struggle for a second term in the Senate.

About the Speculations Swirling Around her Future

When asked about the speculations swirling around her future, she stated she had no immediate intentions to look for another office or accept a job at a Walgreens pharmacy in Chicago.

However, Bottoms, who knew her reelection campaign would be difficult, contended that she would have won if she had run for office.

For myself and for our family, I don’t know what’s going to happen next. This decision was made from a position of power rather than weakness, though,” she asserted.

Keisha Lance is a Clear Winner

“If the mayor’s campaign were held today, I’d be the clear winner.” It’s not anything I made up. He stated, “I’ve looked at poll figures,” but “just because you can do something doesn’t always imply that you should.”

“The previous three years have not been at all what I would have scripted for our city,” Bottoms said of her term as mayor. A huge cyberattack that occurred shortly after she entered office in Atlanta was brought to her attention. The coronavirus pandemic and an uptick in criminal activity, she claimed, had made the previous year particularly trying.

Last year, in the wake of the national outcry over the police shooting of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Bottoms rocketed to national attention. Last June, after Rayshard Brooks was fatally shot by an Atlanta police officer, activist Bottoms demanded that the officer be fired immediately.

President Biden Considered her for the Role of Running Mate

At one point, now-President Biden considered her for the role of running mate in the 2020 presidential race, but he ultimately opted for then-Senator Kamala Harris instead (D-Calif.).

Despite this, Bottoms remained a staunch supporter of Vice President Biden. Last year, she was given a post in the Cabinet, but she turned it down in order to continue in her capacity as mayor. For Bottoms’ reelection campaign, Biden held a March online fundraiser.

She announced on Friday that she will be sending out letters to contributors offering them the option of reversing their money.

“I think it’s only right that I offer to reimburse those cash that people generously provided to our campaign,” she added.

Faced a Challenge from Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore

Bottoms had already faced a challenge from Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore before declaring that she would not run for reelection. It’s conceivable that her decision will inspire others to enter the marathon.

On Friday, Bottoms did not endorse a potential successor, but she hinted that she has a preference for one or two.

Last Words

According to her, “I have a very clear understanding of the folks it should not be,” she added. “However, the outcome will be decided by the people.”

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