21 Sites Like MangaPark I Alternatives to MangaPark

With a well  arranged, sky-high collection of Manga strings, MangaPark has been and still is one of the biggest and much organized segment where you can look through searches of your best-loved Manga.

MangaPark has over 30,000 Manga which can be seen through categories. All you need to do is sign up for a free account at MangaPark.com and enjoy free Manga comics.

MangaPark has been consistently providing free Manga comics for years and right now it has thousands of committed users who visit the site on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons why MangaPark releases more and more mind-blowing Manga comics. Lately, MangaPark has been banned due to some restrictions. Of course, this is a problem but not to worry. There are ALTERNATIVE SITES to MANGAPARK some of which I will discuss below.

1 – MangaReader

Provision of wonderful piece is made easy and accessible in MangaReader. By the way, all the comics are free just like MangaPark. MangaReader provides latest Manga updates through broad collection.

2 – MangaFreak

This is an alternative site like MangaPark that shows you your progress. It displays where you have reached in the book you are reading including your status as well as a brief description of the Manga. You can search for popular comic books such as Naruto, Baruto, Bleach and one piece.

MangaReader feeds you with you Manga list, New release, different genres such as comedy, comic, thiller, horror, sci-fi, romance, drama and the likes. This site gives you the history of the Manga. MangaFreak is a preeminent platform for Manga comic books.

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3 – MangaTown

This alternative site like MangaPark has various genres as well. The most interesting part about this website is that you get to read all your favourite Manga comics for free without any payment or registration.

In this website, you have the opportunity to visit the Random Manga, New Version, Manga List and genre of MangaTown. It is one of my favourite Manga comic website.

4 – KissManga

This site is also a free online comic website which has over 100,000 Manga series. In this site, you get to send feedbacks to KissManga to send answers to your queries. It gives updates on all genres daily and has high quality graphics. You get to control your reading direction to either left or right or vice versa.

You can make reports or requests. It gives notifications and ranking list of Manga comics. In this site itself, you can browse Manga List, comic list, forum and you can watch anime and read novels too. This is the best alternative to MangaPark.

Note – This site is not compatible with Adblock/Ublock so it has to be disabled in order to gain access to the site.

5 – MangaFox

On this website, you get to read all your best-loved Manga for free without having to register. You can browse the comic you want to read, the latest releases and the manga directories including anime games. It has various genres you can choose from such as adult, action, adventure, comedy, drama and the likes.

6 – Comixology

This is a free cloud –based cyber comics site. Here, it is possible to download the mobile application for a faster and easier access. You can design what you are searching for based on your preference on the genre you enjoy.

You have the opportunity to direct, purchase and read comics online using the website or the mobile application you download. Comixology can work on any device and you can read your comics in English Language. Because of the attributes this site has, it is regarded to be one of the best websites like MangaPark.

7 – Mangareborn

This is a new site that has amazing features. Its users increased amazingly. Its objective is to disperse unspecified Mangas across the world. It has a forum where you can communicate with other members of the site and get answers to your questions. It has an outstanding number of comics in its library.

When you sign up, you can purchase coins from your page to enjoy wide selection of Manga. It is organized and regarded as the best MangaPark alternative.

8 – Mangaeden

This site is very simple and it is full of magna comics that are affordable and interesting. The search option enables you to limit your search results and to have the exact comic you are looking for. You can even add manga to the site and not only read mangas on it. It is a great alternative to MangaPark.

9 – Viz media

This is a free application for Android and iOS devices but it has in-app purchases. To read mangas using a PC device, you need to purchase a subscription plan. In this application, not only mangas but Japanese anime and stories are also available and can be translated into English for better understanding.

You have access to many kind of anime in this application, all you need is to do is search for your favourite comic using the title as the keyword. It is regarded as the e-reader and library application for all manga series and anime lovers.

10 – Mangakakalot

For a new manga reader, this application is better as it guides you. This application is well-known for its speedy loading. It gives search results very quickly. Mangakakalot is a friendly alternative where you get to find latest, hot, new and complete mangas without stress. It is simple, easy and mad attractive.

11 – Read Comic Online

This site has a large number of comics which makes it easy to read any comic online for free. The comics are well organized in different genres for easy access. You can browse popular comics like Marvel, DC and the likes. It brings readers into an imaginary world. It is a best alternative for MangaPark according to us.

12 – Watch Anime Dub

Also known as WatchCartoonOnline. Here, you get to watch categories of anime videos. You can browse on the dubbed anime, subbed anime, ova series and cartoon.

The users’ encounter is quite better than unknown mangas. Ads pop-up while streaming and you can click on it to play a video. This site has about 40 million users in a month. The traffic is mostly from the United States. Check out the website today!

13 – Anime Freak

This site is well-known anime just like free mangas online. There are a lot of anime series in its library which makes it easy to have access to your favourite anime videos. Ads pop-up like other anime sites while watching videos. This site has about 11,000 anime series and new ones are added daily.

They are free and all you need to do is sign up and enjoy Anime Freak. You can search for almost all anime videos here.

14 – 9Anime

This site is one of the best alternative of MangaPark because most of the things you search for can be found here. 9Anime has about 27,000 videos on the data-collection including anime movies and shows.

The only issue is that when ads pop-up you are automatically redirected to a new tab and this makes the experience quite frustrating. But this site has a distinctive characteristic, which is, you can request for a particular anime series if you don’t find it on the site.

15 – AnimeLab

This site is popular in Australia and New Zealand. Which means, if you are from other countries, you might get a little disappointed. The design on AnimeLab is captivating. The site is similar to free anime online.

It has thousands of free anime shows. AnimeLab aids many devices like iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Chrome cast and Play station. You need to sign up to watch the videos. It has around 4 million users monthly. You can get information on the video you want to watch by directing the cursor to the point of the video.

16 – Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime feeds you with many videos, movies and shows. It is fit for all ages but the dashboard is not essential because it is littered with advertisement all over.

When you click on a video, ads pop-up in a new tab which makes it devastating. This site has about 7 million users and the predominant language is English. Check it out and begin your adventure now.

17 – Master Anime

This site is similar to Kissanime. It is ad-free. It has provisions for numerous anime shows and series but it needs a modernized version of flash player. Master Anime makes it possible to watch online anime videos for free. It has organized segments in categories and you will get almost all your favourite anime series.

This site is very efficient and famous with the population of 30 million new users monthly. It appears that all the contents are in English Language.

18 – Crunchyroll

This is an alternative of MangaPark. It has many anime series and videos but not all content is free. Of course you can watch other contents that are free. So you don’t have to be worried. Crunchyroll was established in 2006 and it has millions of paid users. This site has about 26,000 anime episodes and 15,000 authorized permit.

It is an amazing platform where you get to watch many things online. It is easy to search for your preferred videos because they are well arranged in segments. This is an amazing site for it has about 80 million users monthly. Crunchyroll could be good for you but you have to pay certain amount because the free version is restricted.

19 – Ani Watcher

This site is also known as Alinkz. In Ani Watcher, ads are shown at the right hand side and it feeds you with a lot of your favourite anime series. The port is comfortable and easy. You can have access to some categories without having to sign up.

This site has about 800,000 monthly new users in which majority of them come from the United states, Germany and the United kingdom. The webpage is modernized with the new subbed and dubbed anime regularly. This is a new site and it is blossoming daily among anime lovers.

20 – Otakustream

This is a good community-based anime live site and a great alternative to MangaPark. It gives room for comments and also to make request for any anime videos or series to be uploaded.

Otakustream has good control with 15 million monthly new users. It is prominent in the United states and the United Kingdom. This site has a clear port and good UI which most its viewers love. You can also switch between light and dark mode.

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21 – Anime Pahe

This site is majorly for those who love anime. It has a decent design. Anime Pahe offers lots of free subbed and dubbed videos and series. There is a search tab in which you can input the title of your favourite anime as the keyword. Ads don’t really pop-up while watching videos and the video player is also superb.

Anime Pahe is well known on the internet with 2.5 million traffic. It is popular in India, United States and United Kingdom.


The sites given above will cover up for MangaPark. Most if these sites are free and you get to search for the comics of your choice.

You get to make reports or requests to have nay of your favourite anime series uploaded. Visit these sites and choose the best option for you.

They are all good choices so you can also start exploring them one by one. Download the application or visit the websites. Thank you for reading!

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