Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281

When playing Minecraft on a computer, turning on OpenGL can improve performance by asking the graphics processing unit (GPU) to skip drawing objects that aren’t in the player’s line of sight, hence reducing the amount of work the system has to do.

How to Solve the OpenGL 1281 Error?

Here are a few solutions to consider trying:

Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281

Method 1) Getting Rid of All Shadows

Shaders are a type of Minecraft mod that expands the game’s potential for creativity by allowing players to alter the visual appearance of various environments. They are more like small patches that change the game’s atmosphere, such as making it feel like summer instead of winter.

Given that they consume the entirety of the app’s resources, shaders often cause incompatibilities with other mod modules. If you want to know which of the current shaders is causing the error message, try turning them off one by one.

Start at the top of the list with the character you just added and work your way down. The shaders can be copied and pasted to a different folder for future usage.

Method 2) Adjusting Optifine’s Version

The Minecraft optimization tool OptiFine enhances visual quality and overall performance. HD textures and other mod-related configuration settings are fully supported. It improves framerates and works with shaders, among other things. If you want the best performance possible, you should update it.

Method 3) Make Sure Your Mods Play Nice Together

Most players who experience OpenGL Error 1281 have extensively customised their Minecraft installation and are using a large number of different Mods. If any of your modules are out of sync, meaning that you’re using different versions of the same mod, you’ll run into this issue.

Therefore, you should double-check all the mods and versions on your PC. If any mod is causing the game to be out of sync, disable it and try starting the game again. The mod’s version compatibility can be quickly checked at the developer’s official website.

Method 4) Java Package Installation by Hand

  • This problem can be brought on by a lack of necessary Java files. The solution is as follows,
  • Select Properties by right-clicking the This Computer icon.
  • In the space labelled System type, please verify the type of operating system currently installed on your machine. Simply select your operating system type on the official website and download the appropriate files.
  • Downloaded file must be extracted to a usable location. When a folder is opened, a folder labelled “versions” will appear.
  • Press Windows + E to launch Windows Explorer, and then go to this location.
  • Launch the Minecraft mod manager and select “Edit profile” from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the “Java settings” submenu, select “Executable,” and then enter the right path. Above, you can see that we have successfully set the path to the file we just pasted.
  • The best way to get back into Minecraft is to restart your computer. Verify if the issue still exists or if it has been fixed.

Method 5) How to Reinstall Minecraft Detailed below are the Minecraft reinstallation instructions,

  • In the resulting window, type “appwiz.cpl” after pressing the Windows key and R.
  • You can uninstall Minecraft by navigating to it in the application manager, right-clicking it, and then selecting the appropriate option.
  • If the game must be deleted, utilise the uninstaller that may be found in the game’s directory. Delete any mods you may have installed and any unused configuration files.

Go back to the Minecraft download page and log in again with your original credentials.

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