How To Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging

My PS5 controller won’t charge; what gives? There are a number of factors that prevent the PS5 controller from charging. There could be a problem with the cable or the controller’s connection to the PlayStation 5 itself.

In short, the PS5 system, its controller, or the charging cable could all be at issue. The PS5 controller not charging problem can also occur if the battery is defective.

There could be an issue with the charging wire that isn’t visible from the outside. The problem with the controller could be due to its age, corruption, or physical condition. Some PS5 controllers may not charge because an internal component has malfunctioned or worn out.

If the gadget has been dropped, submerged in water, or otherwise mistreated, the situation worsens. Once you’ve determined what’s causing your PS5 controller to stop charging, try one of the solutions provided.

How To Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging

PS5 Controller Not Charging

Method 1: Verify the USB Cable

If your PlayStation 5 controller isn’t charging, check the USB cable first. The controller won’t charge, even if the light is on, if the cable isn’t attached properly. Therefore, if an issue arises while using the PS5 with DualSense, you should double-check the USB cable’s connection.

In addition, swap out the cable and use a new Type-A to Type-C or Type-C to Type-C USB cable. If they function normally, then the original USB cable is flawed. It needs to be swapped out for a new one.

Method 2: Switch USB Ports

Make sure the PS5 and Dual Sense controller’s USB ports are clean. If any is present, an air-compressed can can be used to remove it. Switch USB ports to see if it fixes the PS5 controller not charging problem. Plugging the connection into a different computer or hub will also help determine if the USB port is at fault.

Method 3:  Download and Install the Most Recent PS5 Firmware

Users have also reported success in fixing the PS4 controller not charging problem after updating the PS5 firmware to the most recent version. How can I upgrade the PS5’s software? Follow the instructions below.

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is turn on your PS5 and navigate to the system menu.

Step 2. Access the configuration options by clicking the gear icon.

Step 3. Select System from the drop-down selection.

Step 4.  Navigate to the System software > System Software Update and Settings menu option.

Step 5. Select the update system software option. Then, select your preferred method of updating, whether it be over the web or using a USB flash drive, and click Update.

Step 6. Click the Update button, and then wait for the procedure to complete.

Method 4: Use the DualSense Charging Station to Power Up the Controller.

You can also try charging it on a PS5 controller charger (also known as a DualSense charging station) instead. The DualSense charging station, which resembles a miniature PlayStation 5, can simultaneously charge two PlayStation 5 controllers. In addition to being useful, it’s also really handy.

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