Retrieving Data. Wait a Few Seconds And Try To Cut Or Copy Again.

Here are a few things to try if you’ve been having difficulties with the Retrieving data error message. Microsoft Excel says to wait a few seconds and then try to copy or cut again.

Fix: Retrieving Data. Wait a Few Seconds And Try To Cut Or Copy Again.

Retrieving Data. Wait a Few Seconds And Try To Cut Or Copy Again.

Method 1: Load the Excel file into your Microsoft Office programme.

Step 1: Access the Excel file you need to save.

Step 2: Choose Save as from the File menu (Download As).

Step 3: choose to download a copy from the menu.

Step 4: after the download is complete, launch Excel on your computer and open the file.

Step 5: Data can be copied and pasted without causing any issues in the data retrieval process.
Microsoft Office is required for this procedure to proceed. Do the following if you can’t download the standalone version of Microsoft Office.

If you have an Android device, launch the Play Store.

Step 1: Find Excel by searching for it.

Step 2: To get the Excel mobile app, just tap the Install button.

Step 3: Transfer the file to your mobile device after installation, and then launch the programme to access the file.

Step 4:  After fixing the bug, you can safely update the datasheet.

Method 2: Replace the Data by Deselecting and Selecting it Again

Step 1: In the Excel web interface, deselect the data you want to copy/paste.

Step 2: Uncheck everything and give it a minute to reload.

Step 3: Repeat steps 2 and 1, selecting the data you wish to copy, and attempting to paste it into the external programme.

Step 4: It’s expected that once the Excel file has finished syncing, the user can paste the data without any problems.

Step 5: It may take more than one try to fix this problem.

This is a workaround for the time being; you may still run across this problem in the future.

Method 3: Switch Web Browsers

Due to the blunder Information retrieval. It’s usual for Internet Explorer to prompt you to wait a few seconds before you try to cut or copy again.

Close this tab and your browser if you don’t care about losing any information. Then, switch to a new browser and load the spreadsheet in Microsoft’s online Excel client.

If the problem still continues after that, you might want to switch to a different browser. Opera is a lightweight browser with a stellar reputation for usability, and it comes highly recommended.

Method 4: If None of the Above Options Worked, there is still a Quick and Easy Approach to Resolve this Excel Problem.

In order to avoid this bothersome problem, you can save a copy of the web Excel spreadsheet on your computer’s hard drive.

To download the cloud-based Excel app and install it on your computer, all you need to do is launch the app and go to File > Download a copy.

Accessing your Excel data files and copying/pasting information should now work without the dreaded “Retrieving data, wait a few seconds and try again” error notice.

For additional helpful resources on Microsoft Excel, check out this central location.

If you require information about the Microsoft Office suite as a whole, check out that website as well.

However, if the problem still remains after doing so, you can try temporarily deselecting the data and then retrying. The problem can be fixed by switching to a different web browser.

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