How To Make Coal in Minecraft

A daytime visit to Minecraft’s planet reveals a cheerful, friendly, and luminous landscape. However, the same universe, especially at night for novice players, might feel overpowering and frightening. Fortunately, the tide can change in your favour if you know where to look for coal in Minecraft.

It can be used as a substance for your equipment and is the best fuel for making a wide range of illumination devices. So, let’s start digging for coal in Minecraft right away!

How To Make Coal in Minecraft


How To Make Coal in Minecraft

Coal is only one of the many ores that may be found around the Minecraft world. You’ll use this fuel more than any other in the game. Let’s get started, as we’ll be breaking out its applications, construction, and operation into their own chapters.

Minecraft: Where Can You Find Coal?

Coal can be found throughout the Minecraft overworld, but it is most commonly uncovered in caves. To elaborate, you can obtain coal in three distinct ways: as chest loot, as a reward for killing enemies, and finally, by mining coal ore. Below, we will examine each of these approaches in greater depth:

Treasure Chests in a Few Areas

Coal is a consumable item that may be found in different chests throughout the game world. You can find these kind of chests in the following locations:

  • Dungeons
  • Mineshafts
  • Igloos
  • Shipwrecks
  • Strongholds
  • Historic Center
  • Estate in the Woods
  • Ancient Structures That Have Been Submerged
  • Village

The chances of finding a coal-filled chest are higher in the igloos and the underwater ruins. Nonetheless, if we are talking about bulk, the Ancient Cities chests in Minecraft can drop up to 15 coals all at once. However, you can only collect a total of 8 pieces of coal at any other location.

You can earn coal by eliminating enemies.

Coal can be obtained by the killing of mobs if exploration isn’t your strong suit. As unfortunate as it may be, the only way to get coal is to kill the Wither skeleton horde. They are extremely perilous, because they originate in the Nether realm.

Don’t bother with these unless you intend to use them in a mob loot farm. Instead, players should use the tried-and-true method of mining for coal in Minecraft.

Obtain Coal from Mined Ore (Easiest Way)

Mining is the standard and most dependable method of obtaining coal in Minecraft. In the mountains and underground caverns of the Overworld, it manifests as coal ore.

Any type of pickaxe can be used to directly mine the ore, resulting in the discovery of coal. Coal generates twice as fast as ore does in the overworld.

Coal ore blobs form between a global height of Y=136 and Y=320 in mountainous regions. Between Y=0 and Y=190, a second group of coal block blobs forms at ground level.

The secondary coal stack is typically not visible to the outside world since it is buried under a thick layer of other blocks. Furthermore, the spawn rate of coal ores is unaffected by Minecraft biomes, and it is most abundant at a height of Y=95.

Minecraft: Coal-Making Instructions

Coal is easily accessible without resorting to crafting in Minecraft. On the other hand, if you happen upon a block of coal, you can break it up into 9 individual pieces by using a crafting table. Similarly, a block of coal ore can be smelted in a furnace to produce coal after being obtained with a silk touch pickaxe.

It’s impossible to see such a scenario occurring in normal multiplayer Minecraft unless you’re playing on a custom map or one of the top survival servers. Further, it is a waste of energy to smelt the coal ore because it yields only a single coal lump.

Minecraft’s Coal Guide

When players discover coal in Minecraft, their next logical inquiry is how to put it to use. Here are some of the game’s many coal block applications:

  • Coal can be used as fuel in both Minecraft’s furnaces and blast furnaces, allowing players to manufacture a variety of materials.
  • The villagers of Minecraft who work as fisherman, armourer, toolsmith, weaponsmith, or butcher sometimes trade emeralds for coal.
  • Coal is a widely used crafting material that may be fashioned into a wide range of useful objects. You can find out more information about them below.

Creating a Torch in Minecraft

Making a torch is the first and most critical step in Minecraft’s survival mode. If you’re interested in doing the same, check out the Minecraft torch crafting instructions below.

Put some coal in a block and a stick in the one below it in the crafting area to construct a torch. This recipe can be used at a crafting table or in the crafting section of your inventory. A soul fire torch can be made by placing a piece of soul soil block under the stick.

The blue flame from the soul fire torch adds a nice touch to your Minecraft structures.

Minecraft Coal Can Be Used To Create Other Things

You can use coal instead of a torch in the following projects:

  • Coal may be used to create a campfire, which in turn can be used to cook meals and provide light, when combined with bits of twigs and log blocks.
  • A block of coal is created by combining nine individual coal pieces in the crafting area; this block can be used as a fuel source or as an alternative means of storing coal.
  • For use in starting fires and opening Nether portals, players can manufacture a “fire charge” out of coal, flame powder, and gunpowder.

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