Is Yuzuru Hanyu In The 2022 Olympics

At the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, Yuzuru Hanyu attempted to make history twice, but the Japanese skater was unable in landing either a quadruple Axel or what would have been a third straight gold medal.

But as he returns to the practise rink ahead of the exhibition gala on Sunday, the affection of his millions of fans, particularly in China, endures unabated (20 February).

Yuzuru Hanyu failed in his attempt to perform the quad Axel, which has never been done successfully in a competition. He came in fourth place when the tournament was over.

Is Yuzuru Hanyu In The 2022 Olympics

The Olympics are about attempting to go over your own bounds, according to a Weibo user, thus winning or losing is irrelevant. It has been reported that Yuzuru Hanyu won’t compete in the next ISU World Figure Skating Championships in France.

Is Yuzuru Hanyu In The 2022 Olympics

The two-time Olympic champion, who placed fourth in the recent Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics after winning gold at Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018, has yet to recuperate from an ankle injury acquired during Beijing 2022 practise.

Yuzuru Hanyu will be replaced in Montpellier by Miura Kao, according to a statement released by the Japan Skating Federation today, which also revealed that “(Yuzuru Hanyu) sprain of the right ankle joint injury sustained during the Beijing Olympics has not been totally cured.”

The World Figure Skating Championships in 2022 will run from March 21 to 27.

Yuzuru Hanyu Told the Media that the Injury would Keep him Out of Action.

“Rest, I’ve been instructed (the ankle). I shall first take a nap before continuing, “He had made the statement during the Beijing 2022 exhibition gala, when he had a special encounter with the Games mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen.

Yuzuru Hanyu will don his skates once more at the Fantasy on Ice performance beginning on Friday, three months after he caused the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games to go into overdrive (27 May).

This weekend, Yuzuru Hanyu will perform in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture, and doubts and rumours concerning his future will surround the event.

The Japanese athlete who won two Olympic gold medals has disappeared from view and kept tight radio quiet after failing to win a medal in Beijing and returned home on February 21.

As the defending champion, Yuzuru Hanyu placed fourth at the Games despite making a failed effort to make history by landing the quadruple Axel in a match.

Final Words

The 27-year-old was forced to withdraw from the world championships in Montpellier, France, last month due to a persistent injured right ankle sustained in his tenacious attempt to perfect the quad Axel.

Yuzuru Hanyu has committed to skating at all four locations on the Fantasy on Ice tour, which are Makuhari (27-29 May), Nagoya (3-5 June), Kobe (17-19 June), and Shizuoka. This suggests that the ankle has likely recovered to a great extent (24-26 June). But beyond that, I don’t know what he has planned.

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