K. Vallenilla Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Weightlifter Keydomar Giovanni Vallenilla S├ínchez was born on October 8, 1999, in La Guaira, Venezuela. He competed in the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, and earned the silver medal in the men’s 96 kg category.

Weightlifter K. Vallenilla

A few months later, in 2021, he competed at the World Weightlifting Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and earned the bronze medal in the men’s 96 kg category.

K. Vallenilla Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

K. Vallenilla competed in the 96-kilogram (kg) clean-and-jerk division, where he began with a starting weight of 172 kg and ended the competition with a jerk weight of 210 kg.

Qatari Fares Elbakh won the gold medal after setting two Olympic records: one for the overall weight, at 402 kilogrammes, and another for the jerk, at 225 kilogrammes.

In the same modality, but in the 73Kg division, K. Vallenilla now joins Julio Mayora, who won silver.

K. Vallenilla Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

“In Tokyo 2020, our own K. Vallenilla brought home the gold. That Boy of yours is huge. This brings fresh happiness to the nation. With your bravery, perseverance, and strength, you have earned the Silver Medal “this morning, President Obama congratulated Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela.

The South American nation placed 51st out of 204 competing nations at the world’s premier sporting event, winning a total of two medals.

Israel Rubio won a bronze medal in weightlifting at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Venezuela.

Even if you don’t know much about K. Vallenilla just yet, you should. The 19-year-old Venezuelan weightlifter participates in the -89kg weight class, and his 204kg/449.7lb lift at the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, is the Junior clean & jerk world record.

Yesterday, K. Vallenilla posted on Instagram that he had squatted a ridiculous 280 kilogrammes (617.4 pounds) (3.1 times his competition bodyweight), showing the sort of strength that might very possibly help him break his record.

Although Vallenilla does not always reveal his weight in the lifting videos he shares, it is safe to assume that his Junior clean & jerk world record will soon be history if he is able to participate on the international scene within the next year.

He had previously shared a video of himself performing a clean and jerk of 205 kilogrammes (451.9 pounds) with the tagline “easy mode,” which was three weeks prior to this massive front squat.

In late April, he upped the ante by doing a clean and jerk of a staggering 207 kilogrammes (456.4 pounds).

Final Words

As a point of reference, the clean and jerk world record at -89 kg is 216 kilogrammes, or 476.2 pounds. Thanks to K. Vallenilla’s Instagram, we can see him squatting 207 kilogrammes (456.4 pounds) below:

It is unclear when K. Vallenilla will get the chance to show off his improvements, as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games have been postponed until 2021 and any competitive event in 2020 faces the threat of suspension or cancellation due to the continuing Coronavirus epidemic. The bar has been increased, so we’ll be watching closely if and when he does.

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