10 M4uFree Movie Alternatives I Sites Like M4uFree

M4ufree is a great website that offers an abundance collection of movies and other stuff. It gives various features like sorting the movies by genre, release date, quality, subtitle, playback speed.

This website works as a great alternative which has a lot of premium content, which you can watch as well as download for free. You can go through its well organised list of content and select a movie that you find intimidating. The streaming starts instantly without any language problem.

It free from the hassle of login and signup to watch the movies on m4ufree. Other than all the free films the site also offers the latest episodes of a lot of famous TV series.

Binge Watching your favourite movie or spectacular T.V series is no big deal now. Watch all the latest hits for long durations free of charge. All that you should have is a good internet connection and you are good to go for all the ultimate hits and be glued to your sofa for good.

Best Alternatives to M4uFre

At times these movie streaming websites like M4u stop fuctioning properly and there are always chances of them being shut down due to various copyright issues. To prevent letting your entertainment get affected by such unfortunate events, its always a good idea to know other places to enjoy streaming stuff. Given below are some of the top alternatives to M4ufree that anyone can access and enjoy. Let’s have a look!

1 – Solar Movies

It one of best rated website which provides the links to download the latest content on starting from your smart phones to the best P. Cs in the world.

They have access to most premium T.V shows and the most popular TV series all around the globe. It is legal and all time accessible from everywhere in the world without using any other software needed. It also 3.5 star rated by their users.

2 – Movies 4k

Movie 4k tv uses open update and various other server hosting platforms to serve the user free streaming. The User Interface is quite elegant and pleases to the eyes. It has great search options and uses great searching and sorting algorithms to display the best content available and allow the user to take benefit of their best quality content.

It has great hosting platforms and overall website is in one’s interest to keep visiting it for better refreshment each and every day

3 – MovieWatcher

It is a great website for good movie watcher to watch all the great movies available at tips of your fingers. The best part of this website is it free from all kinds security and you will have a million dollar smile to when you read it is also ad-Free and provides the user a great experience watching the best movies undisturbed that too just free!

4 – hub

It is the most famous platform for free online streaming. It has a fantabalous repository of latest hits of movies, Series that any user can watch just at a click on their mouse button. There is never a need to register for an account here. You can directly click on any movie to start binge watching it.

5 – F-movies

F movies is technical legal as there is no need to do piracy or anything. F-movies website has UI with the carousel of trending shows or movies at that time. People can look up for movies and shows based on genres, names, year of release and also by most watched and the latest releases. We recommend using F-movies though it is legally banned in India it can be easily used by using proxy or VPN(Virtual Private Network) to change to location.

6 – Megashare

Megashare completely identical in terms of its UI with prime wire. The user interface has major elements of the former website. It has a good amount of free content to binge watch. All latest movies can be found here in good quality. If you are a fan of action or thriller we would  say this website is best for you.

7 – HDonline

As the name suggests it only serves its users with HD (High-Definition) content all through out the year and always around the clock. The website is perfect to stream over 100s and 1000s of movies/T. V Series and that just for free.

8 – Haloa Movies

This site has Gigantic database of movies. Anybody can find here the latest movie to the most aged movie available right at your fingertips. For a better encounter with website it has provided a search bar to browse through the content by name. This Website has complete tag to say be its guest to stream all the online content and watch the latest trending video.

9 – Vumoo

This website has a substantial rivalry with f movies. But this website allows any user to stream high quality movies and T.V-Series just for free. This website is really well maintained and frequently visited by the user. It is also reconditioned for better user experience quite frequently. It has a wide range of movies in their kitty including the hits and latest of Hollywood. The User interface is quite a great one.

10 – Iomovies

It contains alluring graphical user interface which always pleases any type of user with distinctive qualities. This website has a lot of content that can fill in and cut down on all your boredom time in this period. It has a great and enormous storehouse of top-rated movies. All the latest and recently movies are easily available on this site.

11 – Movies4u

Movies4u is the most trusted website which is very well known for offering the huge stream able content at liberty with a very well categorize User interface. Movies4u is the most different website than a lot of website which offer the same movies and TV series. It makes the user stick to itself because of its user experience.

12 – PopcornTime

PopcornTime is the world’s most famed unbounded movie provider. It provides a massive cluster of all the great movies which all are supposed to be watched only when you have a premium paid account. We should be grateful to PopcornTime to provide it to all just on liberty and at no cost.

13 – PutLocker

PutLocker is a fantabalous place to watch free movies and enjoy all the online content with nothing stake. The huge repository makes it a superior site like solar movie. Watching a movie on it is child’s play and it is free from the hassle of signing and logining to not take a long complex process to stream a video.

14 – Movies25

Have you ever heard about a website which streams the content according to the type of internet speed you can afford? Then Movies25.me is just the site for you. It evens gives an immense opportunity to download it and watch it according to your convenience. This website also provides to roll in boundless links and website through Movies.25.me. You can choose your favourite genre just see the movie you are looking for.

15 – Primewire

We always be on a lookout for a website which saves our money. Then Primewire Website is one of them. It offers you a great variety of latest movies in a great standard. It rescues us from the enormous time of boredom. The more you browse, The more you understand the huge library of movies it has in its repository.

16 – YesMovies

We always keep surfing for websites showing all premium online content just for free. Looks like YesMovies is just the answer for your surfing. Yesmovies appears like a premium website that supplies all the latest movies and that without any registration process. Here, you don’t need any kind of paid subscription and account to access the most expensive content for free.

17 – Crackle

Crackle, unwavering website available for watching movie and T.V shows online in the highest quality available. It would be wrong to doubt the quality of content as it is run by the most popular Sony Networks. Crackle’s user interface simple, intuitive and can handle by any naive user. Sony Crackle has FREE Legal Movies and TV Shows to Stream. Crackle it also has a pretty cool app.

18 – VexMovies

Have you ever faced any problem in sorting the movies according to the genre and release year? Then VexMovies is the answer for your problem. This platform shows the movies sorted according to the genres and release year. It also has a search option to find the specific movie. It also shows a small representation and the IMDB Rating associated with it.

 19 – Los Movies

It is wonderful place to enjoy free movies and tv shows. This website does not need any kind of premium subscription. It also free from any kind of hassle to register. Anybody can easily watch anything just like a child’s play. The good thing about the website is that it contains movies just free.

20 – me

The website acts as a doorway to search the web in itself to provide user with direct movie streaming links. It can be used by any naive user and the website is productive in itself. It features the latest movies with dissimilar streaming providers.

21 – 5movies

5movies is one of the best movies with no registration provides all access to its premium content. It promotes all the latest movies and T.V Series just for free. The Quality is undoubtedly the best and it also provides a great opportunity to download the movies you watch while you just binge watch. It just a perfect platform to start binge watching and just keep the downloaded content safe for future use. Just be aware you might also need a great internet speed.

22 – SnagFilms

SnagFilms is not just another website streaming website it has a limited number of R rated movies. It offers all the content in high quality be it a movie or a TV Series. The site has an Amazing feature to sort all the genres making it much more efficient for the user to just find the right option according to his/her mood. The site is not much Frequently updated and does not attract that much user attention.

23 – Gomovies

Have you ever faced a problem of watching the movies which might have few scenes cut? Then Gomovies is just the right answer for your complication. This Site offers all the movies which are complete in all sense of its running duration and that just for free. It is popular to offer all these features and that to in Complete HD only. Along with genuine screening the site also provides relevant help information wherever necessary to help the user.

24 – Zmovie

Zmovie is a marvellous website which streams all the kinds of Bollywood and Hollywood movies with perfect picture quality. It is completely delightful movie streaming site that allows the user to feast one’s eye without any interruption and that too just free of cost.


Being highly dependent able on M4uFree is not one of the best things. There should and will always be a much compassionate website to help users to get the most-watched and paid and premium content just at liberty.

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