Ways to Fix “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” Errors

The SIM is not provisioned MM 2 error message can appear on a brand-new phone or a phone that has been used for for a short period. If this error persists despite your best efforts, you can try implementing the solutions provided below to see if that resolves the problem.

You can’t wait to make calls and use your new phone for everything else as soon as you get it. A SIM card not provisioned error on your new phone may rapidly dampen your enthusiasm, however. The inability to make or receive calls or access the internet is devastating when this occurs on a mobile device.

What does it mean that my phone is saying SIM not provisioned? Just how do I activate my SIM card? The significance of “sim not provided” and solutions to this problem are discussed further in this post if you have no idea what causes this error.

SIM Not Provisioned MM2

What Does “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” Mean?

Identifying data stored on SIM cards can be used to confirm the owner of a certain cell phone account. The subscriber identity module is what the mobile network uses to verify that the phone belongs to you (thanks to the IMEI number).

It lets you access the web on the go and make phone calls. Knowing the definition of “provisioned” will help you figure out why your phone is showing a “SIM not provisioned” problem message. The term “provision” refers to the supply of goods or services.

If your SIM card is unable to transfer data between your phone and your service provider, it is no longer supplied. Users who need to provision a new SIM card are the only ones who should get the “SIM not provisioned” warning. Any such occurrence may indicate a SIM card issue requiring replacement.

Ways to Fix “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” Errors

If your Android keeps giving you “SIM not provisioned” messages, try re-enabling your SIM card with these methods.

Solution 1. First Check if the SIM Card is Broken

If you get a message from your phone saying your SIM card is not provisioned, the first thing you should do is see if the card is physically damaged. It’s possible that your SIM card is functional but damaged, preventing your phone from reading its contents.

Step 1: Take the SIM card tray off of your phone to inspect the SIM card.

Step 2: The next step is to remove the SIM card from its tray and inspect it. Look for evidence of damage, such as scratches, and fix them if you find them.

Step 3: A broken SIM card will leave telltale indicators, so if you discover any of them, contact your service provider about getting a replacement. Contact your service provider, and they will gladly issue you a replacement SIM card.

Step 4: In the event that the SIM card is undamaged and appears to be in working order, continue on to discover further solutions.

Solution 2: Update Carrier Services

A user’s phone’s interactions with wireless networks are managed, like so many other features, by an application. Being a Google app, Carrier Services comes pre-installed on Android and is regularly updated.

It could be a problem with Carrier Services if you keep getting the “SIM card not provisioned MM#2” error even after trying a new phone and a new SIM card. Hence, in order to correct this:

Step 1: Pull up Google Play.

Step 2: Choose options with a tap of your profile picture.

Step 3: Choose Apps & Device Management.

Step 4: Choose See details under the Available Updates heading.

Step 5: Consider Using Carrier Services

Step 6: Just Use the Update Button

Solution 3. Make Sure the SIM Card is Properly Inserted

When people are in a rush, they frequently misplace or damage their SIM cards. Maybe it’s the novelty of the new phone, or maybe it’s just that they don’t have the time to read the whole thing. It doesn’t matter how carefully you think you’ve inserted your SIM card; your phone won’t be able to access the information on the card if you haven’t followed the instructions.

If your phone is unable to identify the SIM card, it will be unable to connect to the service provider. If you do this, your phone will notify you that the SIM card has not been provisioned.

Step 1: If your phone requires a SIM card, you can access it by taking out the tray, removing the card, and replacing it in the correct orientation.

Step 2: The problem notification should disappear, and your phone should reconnect to your service provider.


It’s not uncommon for consumers to experience the sim not supplied mm#2 issue after purchasing a new phone that requires a different sim card or after porting their number to a different sim card. You will only see the Sim not provided mm#2 issue while making an emergency call.

This malfunction prevents you from calling anyone other than emergency services, who will be the only ones who can help you. In any case, you won’t have any trouble accessing your phone’s menus or making use of its other functions.

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