How To Make A Loom in Minecraft

Many blocks serve more than one use, as this adds a layer of interesting and organic complexity to a game focused on construction and where different materials serve different purposes. The player can either locate looms in the world or make their own out of a few simple materials.

If you want to make Banners in Minecraft, you’ll need a Loom in your base. However, it’s also a good idea to put a Loom in a village because it can be used to make a lot of money through trade.


How To Make A Loom in Minecraft

Where To Find A Loom Instructions

Finding a Loom in a town is a bit of a luck of the draw, as they are not always guaranteed to spawn within settlements, but making one from scratch is simple enough for anyone to do.

Finding a Weaving Equipment in a Rural Area

To locate a Loom, explore the area outside and inside of every building. To find a Loom, which is the Job Block that gives Shepherds their profession, it is best to follow a Shepherd villager if one is encountered.

Making a Loom: Step-by-Step Instructions

Of all the Job Blocks and crafts blocks, the Loom has one of the simplest construction processes. The recipe requires only 4 squarely-arranged components, making it possible to make via the player’s inventory crafting menu. Constructing a Loom entails laying out two parallel wooden planks and then looping two lengths of string over them.

The Basics of Weaving

Making Banners On A Loom.

When players first open a Loom, the menu can seem overwhelming due of its intricacy compared to that of other crafting blocks. However, taking it one part at a time can help them learn how to utilise them to create Banners.

The three parts may be seen on the left: a blank Banner slot (top left), a Dye slot (top right), and an extra Banner Pattern slot (bottom right) (bottom).

If you don’t have a Banner Pattern in the bottom component slots, you can choose the type of pattern you wish to make by pressing the appropriate buttons.

When a player removes a completed Banner from the Loom, they will just use up the blank Banner and Dye, but they will not use up any of the optional Banner Patterns.

Paying a Shepherd with a Loom

Unemployed villagers that approach a Loom will be transformed into Shepherds, who may be traded with for Emeralds and Loom-related objects and blocks.

Novice Trades

  1. Exchanging 1 Emerald for 18 Wool Blocks of Any Color
  2. Swap 1 pair of Sheers for 2 Emeralds

Craftsmen in Training

  1. Trade 1 Emerald for 11 other colours of dye (white, black, grey, lime, or light blue).
  2. I’ll take 1 Emerald for 1 Wool Block (any color)
  3. You get one carpet for an emerald (any color)

Skills of a Journeyman

  1. Swap 1 Emerald for 12 bottles of dye (blue, purple, pink, or yellow).
  2. Trade 1 Bed for 3 Emeralds (any color)

Expert Trades

  1. Exchange 1 Emerald for 11 other colours of dye (Green, Purple, Magenta, Cyan, Brown, or Blue).
  2. You can get a blank banner for three emeralds (any color)

Master Trades

Trade 3 Paintings for 2 Emeralds

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