Best Alternatives of “AnimeHeaven” in 2023

“- Watch & Download HD Anime Online English Dubbed And Subbed for Free” is how the website AnimeHeaven advertises itself to its users. If you’re looking for an alternative to AnimeHeaven, you’ll be happy to know that there are more than ten options, including websites and apps for Android, Android Tablet, iPad, and Windows. Hulu is the most viable other option.

Yet, if you’d like to watch anime online without spending any money, you can always check out Crunchyroll or #Animania. You can also enjoy anime on AnimeTribes, 9anime,, and Soul-Anime, all of which are quite similar to AnimeHeaven.

Alternatives to AnimeHeaven include video streaming apps and maybe collaborative video viewing software. If you’re seeking for a certain feature of AnimeHeaven or just want to see a smaller subset of options, you may use these filters to do so.


What Is AnimeHeaven?

Anime enthusiasts have finally arrived at their heavenly destination: AnimeHeaven. The site has anime of all genres, including action, adventure, cars, comedy, dementia, demons, drama, ecchi, fantasy, game, harem, historical, horror, josei, kids, magic, martial arts, mecha, military, music, mystery, parody, police, psychological, romance, samurai, school, sci-fi, seinen, shoujo, shoujo ai, shounen, shounen ai, slice of life, space, sports, superpower, supernatural, thriller, vampire, and yuri.

Best Alternatives to AnimeHeaven

This page will provide you with a list of reliable alternatives to AnimeHeaven where you may view anime for free online.

1. AnimeHeros

There aren’t many other online streaming services that can match the quality of AnimeHeaven, but AnimeHeros provides a fantastic model for how to accomplish so. The website is compatible with all modern mobile devices, so you may view anime in either the original Japanese or a dubbed English version.

2. Crunchyroll

As a user of Crunchyroll, you have access to an abundance of anime. All of them are compatible with any kind of media player. You may keep tabs on your viewing habits to help you find your way around the site.

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll costs money, but trust us: it’s well worth it. Nevertheless, before you can get the whole experience, you must first try it out for two weeks. The site’s video-streaming features are fully functional.

There are some dubbed shows on the Internet, however the vast majority of content is subtitled. Once an episode airs in Japan, it typically becomes available on Crunchyroll a few hours later. If you wish to read it or listen to it in a language other than English, you can do so.

3. KissAnime

As far as anime websites go, it offers one of the largest collections out there. From the newest additions in your preferred subgenre all the way back to the very first anime you can imagine. Videos are available in 360p, 720p, and 1080p for streaming.

The anime is available for streaming on any device, making it convenient to watch while traveling. As you enter the site, you will feel like a kid in a giant toy store where everything is free except for the toys. Yes, there is no need to sign up for any sort of paid service because everything on this site is freely accessible to everyone.


Several users have also ranked this site highly as a great destination to visit if you’re looking for a place to stream anime. If you’d want to keep track of your progress on the site, you can sign up for an account. You can put all of your anime into a queue if you’d like.

In order to enjoy it on both sites, you can connect your account with MyAnimeList. If you aren’t sure of the name of the anime you want to watch, you can use the site’s search box to find it.

5. Funimation

You may find information about the film you’re currently watching here. Some carefully considered and unquestionably comprehensive details will also be revealed. The user will have a firmer grasp of the full scope of the army’s potential actions as a result.

This page doesn’t require any social media interaction whatsoever. Everything you may possibly need is included in a straightforward and well-organized user interface. One of the world’s largest construction firms, Funimation is bustling with activity right now.

Everyone is welcome to use this website at no cost for as long as they like. You’re contributing nothing but clicks and frustration to our site, yet a closer examination reveals many positive benefits for countries worldwide.


When it comes to streaming anime online, AnimeHeaven has been around for a while. Since its inception in 2006, AnimeHeaven has provided ad-supported free streaming of anime. The Anime Heaven website is constantly updated with fresh episodes and movies.

Users have the option of watching movies and TV series for free with advertisements or paying for a premium subscription to remove advertisements and gain access to additional material. Anime merchandise, as well as translated manga and light novels, can be purchased via AnimeHeaven’s online shop.

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