How To Make Tinted Glass Minecraft

All structures benefit greatly from the incorporation of glass. It not only provides a risk-free means to observe the world beyond our base, but its varying hues also help us make our quarters feel more cheerful.

However, there are times when letting in lots of natural light is not ideal. There are times when you need to keep an eye on the outside world without drawing too much attention to your location by shining bright lights through the windows. In a player-versus-player server, this is especially important for maintaining stealth.

Tinted glass serves this purpose, and fortunately it’s not hard to whip up once you have all the ingredients on hand.

How To Make Tinted Glass Minecraft


In this piece, we’ll outline the materials and steps involved in creating tinted glass, so you can get the most out of your next project.

How to Make Tinted Glass in Minecraft

  1. 1 tempered glass slab
  2. 4 pieces of amethyst

Finding amethyst, the key ingredient in producing coloured glass, is the trickiest part of the process. If you want to make a huge quantity of coloured glass, you’ll need to track down a lot of it.

Later in this piece, we’ll discuss amethyst’s presence in geodes and how to identify one.

After that, all you need to do is stock up on some normal glass blocks, and you’re good to go. Sand only only to be heated in a furnace for a few hours in order to be transformed into glass.

This formula yields enough colour glass for two blocks.

Acquiring Amethyst Pieces

Find an amethyst geode if you want some amethyst shards. These randomly generated underground constructions can be found in any Minecraft Overworld biome.

Huge, circular or almost circular formations can be seen between Y values of -58 and -30 in caves. There is a one-in-twenty-four chance of generating one in any given chunk.

It’s easy to detect them whether they’re closed or open, and either way, they’re not hard to miss. There are three distinct levels within an amethyst geode. The layers consist of polished basalt on the bottom, white calcite in the middle, and purple amethyst on top.

Even in a stone-filled cavern, the geode’s three interior layers are easily discernible: the spherical, smooth basalt at the centre, and two smaller layers surrounding it.

The enormous crystal clusters you can see developing inside can be mined for shards of amethyst.

They can only be mined with a standard pickaxe, and one without the silk touch enchantment is recommended.

Minecraft’s Tinted Glass in Action

We can finally put this coloured glass to use now that we know how to produce it.

As we’ve already established, tinted glass functions in the same way as regular glass, allowing for visibility but blocking off all external light.

This means that if you enclose a light with tinted glass, you won’t be able to see it, but you will be able to see the light source itself through the glass.

Since then, numerous applications have arisen for this mechanism.

As a starting point, there’s the option of keeping your base secret while yet having windows and a glimpse of the outside world. It’s possible you won’t always be up for building your base subterranean or underground, but doing so can be a good defence strategy.

When the lights of your base are turned off, the tinted glass will make it more difficult for anyone to locate it.

Don’t forget that you can see through the tinted glass.

If you’re into Minecraft, you can utilise it to create a mob farm.

It is essential for a mob farm to have a spawner or to be operating in total darkness. If you want to see what’s going on inside your farm but keep the place functional, tinted glass is the way to go.

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