Application Suspending in 15 Minutes PS4

Your PS4 app keeps putting a hold on your gameplay because your PS4 account licence cannot be verified without an active internet connection. When playing a PS4 game through an account linked to your PS4 account and experiencing a disruption in your internet connection, this will happen.

However, this happens because your licence isn’t stored in a cache. The PS4 application will be suspended in 15 minutes error message may persist or disappear once the network issue is resolved.

Application Suspending in 15 Minutes PS4

Fix: Application Suspending in 15 Minutes PS4

Within 15 minutes, you must resolve the issue that causes the PS4 application to crash. That means your PS4’s suspending app can run smoothly again in 15 minutes without any action on your part.

Troubleshooting may be required if the PS4 application suspension error does not clear up after 15 minutes. If your PS4 application freezes after 15 minutes, try one of the solutions provided below.

The Ps4’s Primary Setup Guide

Fixing the PS4 frozen app when playing a PS4 online game requires first “setting your PS4 to the primary account,” before doing anything else. Fixing the PS4 app suspension after 15 minutes requires switching the console to the primary account.

  • The PS4 can now be started.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu that appears.
  • Choose the “Accounts” menu item.
  • Set as default setting Activated.

After switching your PS4 to primary, the PS5 app suspension should be removed after 15 minutes.

Fix My Internet Connection!

Your PS4 console may temporarily pause applications if files become backed up for 15 minutes. Therefore, make sure you are connected to the internet and clear the logs.

Disconnecting your PlayStation 4 from your hotspot can resolve the PS4 application suspended issue that appears after you’ve been connected for more than 15 minutes and you receive a call on your HotSpot [if you’re using hotspot].

Power Down Your PlayStation 4 And Start it Back Up.

This is something that I have become accustomed to doing. While I could just let the PS4’s programme suspend after 15 minutes, if it doesn’t reset and reconnect to the internet, I’ll just restart the console to clear the error and fix the suspended application.

To solve the PS4 programme that has been frozen for 15 minutes, restart your gaming console as described below.

  • Start by holding down the “PS” button on your PS4 controller.
  • Mouse over “Power” and click.
  • Choose either “Restart PS4” or “Turn off PS4” to complete the process.
  • When prompted to enter the reset mode, do not do so; doing so will not force the PS4 to restart completely.

However, doing so will put the game into a suspended state.

You should Restart Your PS4

Fixing the PS4 application suspension in 15 minutes should be your last resort. You should also back up your PS4 so you can easily revert to a previous state after the issue has been resolved.

This guide will walk you through the process of backing up your PlayStation 4 (PS4).

  • Access the System Menu on your PS4 and adjust the desired options.
  • Use the login credentials you use most frequently for the main console to access your account.
  • Please visit the “Initialization >>” page. Start up the PS4
  • When you choose “Full,” the PS4 will begin the deletion process after a short delay.

Following these procedures, your PS4 will automatically reset and restart. In order to resolve the “application suspending in 15 minutes PS4” error, you will need to log in and complete some initial setup steps.

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