How To Fix Downloading Do Not Turn off Target Error

The Downloading… Do Not Turn off Target System problem can occur at any time on your specific electronic device, but it can be expressed in a variety of ways and is extremely common in Samsung mobile phones, Nexus devices, and other similar devices.

Downloading… Do Not Turn off Target Error

Odin mode is another name for download mode. Here are two solutions to the problem of Downloading Does Not Turn Off Target.



1. Use Safe Mode to Fix the Downloading Does Not Turn Off Target Error

Step 1. Turn off the device by long-pressing the power key; when the name of the concerned device displays on the screen, release the power key; then grab the volume down key and hold it down until the device restarts.

Step 2. When safe mode appears on the screen (it may display in the right bottom or top left corner), press the volume down key and wait for the device to boot up. If the device boots up successfully, all data stored on the device can be recovered.

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Step 3. Turn off the phone and remove the SIM card and memory card once the data has been recovered. Your gadget is now ready for the master to reset it as well.

 2. Factory Reset/Hard Reset/Master Reset

Because safe mode was used, there will be no danger because all of the data has already been recovered and stored.

Step 1. If your gadget is turned on, turn it off first. Press and hold the volume up and power keys together until the Android system recovery screen appears, then press and hold the volume down key to emphasise the factory reset option.

Step 2. Pick factory reset with the power key, then use the volume down key to highlight the “yes” option on the screen with the volume down key, then select it with the power key and wait for the operation to finish.

When the procedure is finished, restart your device by pressing the power key. When you restart the device, it will return to regular mode.

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The Last Word

If none of the above methods worked to resolve the Downloading Do Not Turn off Target issue, it’s time to take your device to a professional technician. If your device is still under warranty, the costs will be minimal, and you may even get a new unit, but if it isn’t, you may have to spend a significant amount of money.

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