12 Best YouTube Downloader to Donwload Online HD Video

When someone talks about downloading YouTube UHD & HD videos such as 720p, 1080p, 4K & 8K, generally there are two methods for doing so. The first one is to install a desktop software such as Gihosoft TubeGet. Or one can simply utilize a free online YouTube video downloader site. Then they can download all YouTube videos without losing any extra space on PC. We have also discussed that issue in this article. Now, come with us to get a very quick overview of some of the best YouTube downloaders online.

Top 12 YouTube Downloader to Donwload Online HD Video

Here is our list of the best online YouTube downloader websites. All the websites on our listed are carefully handpicked by experts. Hope they solve your issues for you.

Let’s have a look!

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1 – ClipConverter.CC

ClipConverter.CC is a very powerful online video downloader. People can use ClipConverter.CC for downloading videos from platforms like YouTube and other over 10,000 hot sites. The resolution of these videos can be up to full high definition, 1080p, 4K and even 8K. Besides, ClipConvertor.CC has a built-in converter that allows its users to convert all the videos into various different formats. Moreover, this conversion feature also offers users a great opportunity of extracting audios directly from the videos. These audio formats include M4A, AAC and MP3. All these amazing functions are the reason why ClipConverter.CC is at the top of our list of online YouTube downloaders.

But that’s not all; it also develops Addon for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. While watching videos on YouTube, users are allowed to download all those HD videos directly onto their Mac &PC or even iPhone and Android smartphones. So, if you wish to download a high definition video from a platform like YouTube safe and fast, you can totally rely on ClipConverter.CC for it.


  • A built-in converter to directly extract videos to audios in various formats varying from M4A, MP3 to MP3.
  • Offers a plugin service to keep the online videos to your electronic devices.
  • Support downloaded online videos of all sorts of resolutions such as HD, UHD and SD video resolutions, which includes 720p, 1080p, 4K and 8K.

2 – Converto.io

Google and YouTube are constantly updating and adjusting their functionalities regarding rendering online video download websites inoperable. So, do not be surprised if the online YouTube downloader websites you always trusted on fails to work for you or shut down unexpectedly. For instance, KeepVid was once a popular online platform to keep YouTube high definition videos and it’s no more. For its users, the task of finding an alternative to KeepVid became quite a task. Fortunately, there’s a nifty alternative on the internet when your favourite video downloader websites aren’t working; a website known as Converto.io. All you have to do is input the source video URL n this website and then click on the button “Convert” and that video will soon be saved on your device.

This online site to save videos also offers its users the opportunity for saving as well as converting any YouTube videos into MP4 and MP3 format without any hassle. Other than that, users can also edit the video file name, modify ID3 tag and even cut the audio in case you wish download the online video as a MP3 audio. And that’s not all, for making their library look even more impressive, Converto.io will add album cover to all of the MP3 they select to download on its own.


  • Allow renaming the files, cutting MP3 audios before their download and modifying ID3 tag
  • Support download of YouTube video online in MP4 video and MP3 audio format
  • Integrated with multilingual services

3 – Video Grabber

Video Grabber is an all-in-one online HD YouTube downloader. It is a web-based YouTube downloader site which gives its users the opportunity of grabbing videos from hot online video-sharing websites like Lynda, LiveLeak, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Vevo and Ted. Another unique feature that catches people’s attention is that this website handpicks a lot of great videos and puts them on its website so that its users can search, watch and download videos via this one-stop destination even without visiting other places like YouTube.

Other than downloading videos, Video Grabber also provides the feature of converting videos from YouTube to other formats such as MKV, WMV, MOV, MP4, AVI and formats which are compatible with devices like Huawei, iPod, iPod touch, iPad, Samsung and many more. In case you think that these are the only functions performed by Video Grabber then let us tell you that you are highly wrong. The website is also integrated with the screen recording feature which will save its users the trouble of downloading and installing some other screen capture product. Users can also use this feature for recording live streaming videos on platforms such as YouTube. We have to say what a great application.


  • Support downloading videos in resolution of 1080p and 4K.
  • An all-in-one online video downloader that allows its users to search, find, download as well as convert videos
  • A built-in recording function for recording live YouTube videos such as games or sports.


  • Users have to download a plugin before they can use all the functions

4 – SaveFrom.net

The first time when people use SaveFrom.net they have to download a file called SFHlper that allows them to add an extension to Chrome. This extension helps them to download all videos freely. It is a feature that sounds a lot like the Clip Converter Addon. One more bad impression of this app is the advertisements, just leave it alone. As far as downloading is concerned, the best feature of this platform is that it offers an easy and innovative way of downloading videos – adding letters. So, if you are wondering how you are going to download videos off of internet using SaveFron.net the answer is – quite easily.

For instance, let’s say that the user is watching a video on YouTube and the video is very intriguing. Now the user wishes to save it on their device. In this case, first they have to install the plugin and then they will take the URL on the address line into account. At this point, users have to add “sfrom.net/” or “ssyoutube.com” before URL starts with “https” or can use short domain names such as “ssyoutube.com” for replacing “youtube.com”. Now they have to press Enter and they will be redirected to its download page in a moment. Now they have selected the downloading parameter and click on the Download button. The video will be downloaded directly to their portable contrivances like mobile phone, SD card or PC without another superfluous operation.


  • Offers an easy and simple way to download content


  • A lot of resolutions support downloading video only without audio
  • Abundance of frustrating ads

5 – Catchvideo

If you are still searching for a simple yet solid online YouTube videos downloader site which can save YouTube videos as MP3 and MP4 online, then you shouldn’t ignore Catchvideo as your new assistant. Catchvideo is undoubtedly one of the best YouTube video downloader present which offers robust downloading abilities. This high definition video downloader online contains an intuitive interface, users can download the file in the available qualities without any obstacles. Once the user has acquired the URL of original video, they can select their ideal video format and download it by hitting the download button.

Since Catchvideo is a web-based app, anyone can use it to download YouTube videos online without changing their devices as long as they have a browser. Although there is one minor glitch. Catchvideo supports download of videos in resolution not more than 720p, which means even if you put a video of 4k on download, Catchvideo will download it in 720p only.


  • Contains a list of popular videos for people to watch as well as download directly
  • Support downloads of videos in audio only, video only, full video mode only along with a mp3 conversion feature


  • Do not support 1080p or other ultra HD resolution

6 – Y2mate

You must be aware that YouTube is currently 2nd biggest search engine in the world, all thanks to its huge video content. Based on that, tools for downloading YouTube videos are getting more and more popular and webmasters keep increasing the competition and wish to get a piece of this pie for themselves. Y2mate is a member of this team, its Alexa rank grew significantly in the year 2018 and currently it is between 1k-2k. As a YouTube video downloader website, Y2mate offers its users ability to download as well as convert videos from YouKu, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. to MP4, MP3 in HD format.

The reason why Y2mate is so famous is that it offers two ways for netizens to get online videos from YouTube to PC for offline playing. One common way is you copy and paste the video link manually to a specific area and select the desired resolution and then start the download. The second way is comparatively easier. When the user plays a YouTube video, they just put “pp” after “youtube” in the link address line. After that it’ll redirect to the download page. In this way, one can download YouTube videos real fast. Other than this, it promises free services always and offer unlimited downloads and a high speed converter service. Moreover, users don’t have to register themselves in order to use all its features.


  • Registration not required
  • High speed video converter
  • Support YouTube videos download in 1080p full HD as MP4
  • Unlimited downloads

7 – Online Video Converter

What makes any video intriguing and informative? In our opinion, a great video isn’t all about telling a story or instructive skills; it is also about providing a brilliant visual experience that can give its audience the feeling of being present there. This is the reason why UHD and HD videos in resolutions such as 1080p, 2k, 4k and 8k have grown exponentially. Now let’s come back to the topic of how to download HD YouTube videos and ensure that they are lossless. OnlineVideo Converter is yet another great option which has the ability to download HD videos without any compromise on the quality online.

It is a professional site to download and convert online that can download videos from YouTube as AVI, WEBM, MKV, MOV, FLV and MP4 formats. One of its unique reasons is that it is fully compatible with the modern browsers with a high speed download and conversion. Users can easily save videos without any sort of registration from a great range of online video hosting websites like Gametrailers, TeacherTube and YouTube, etc. Furthermore, it is also great at converting YouTube videos into MP3.


  • Full compatibility with most of the browsers
  • No registration required
  • Unlimited free downloads as well as conversions
  • Supports wide range of video portals online
  • High-speed conversions

8 – VidPaw

While watching any video online on platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion or YouTube, what viewers cares the most about is the quality of the content, whether they are insightful or interesting. But majority of the times they just overlook the technology that goes behind the scenes. The efforts of video sites for improving their visual effects are generally covered up by their content. This is something that the audience takes for granted.

As YouTube is the largest video sharing website, it is always at the forefront in the field of the video technology. YouTube originally supported mono playback and 240p resolution video. Over the time it added the support for resolutions like 480p, 720p, 1080p and even 4k and 8k too. After that 60fps playback was introduced in order to make the screen even smoother. So if you wish to save a video from your beloved YouTube, other than using the online websites listed above, VidPaw is a very good option.

It is a great web app which makes saving HD YouTube videos pretty easy. All that is required is that you have to copy the URL of a YouTube video and then paste it in the text field. After that click on the “Start” button. Now, choose the quality and the video will soon be downloaded. It is to be noted that users can download only 1080p videos in the without audio, video-only. VidPaw also works for Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, SoundCloud, Nicovideo, Vimeo, etc.

9 – YouTubNow

Watching videos online has never been more easy than these days. But if you still have reasons to download stuff, especially the videos in HD quality then you are at the right place. As long as you only wish to download videos with copyright issues, it is okay to download them as long as you are not planning on uploading them online for your advantages. For downloading such videos for offline purposes we introduce to you YouTubNow. It is one of the top HD video as well as audio downloading service in the market.

It offers an authentic and intuitive video download solution for all the video lovers out there. It makes it quite easy and safe to save your favourite YouTube videos, music, subtitles, channels, playlists, TV shows. YouTubNow is an online service, which men you can access it in your browser. Basically users can utilise its services on any device which is connected to internet. Just input the link of the video in the box and select the format. After that click on the Download button and the video will be downloaded on the device in a high speed.

One of the greatest things about YouTubNow is that it doesn’t save your account related data, videos that you download or anything else. So, if you are searching for safe and versatile online video downloader, you don’t have to look any further.

10 – QDownloader.net

A lot of people enjoy streaming videos on YouTube. Majority of such people watch spend more time watching videos on YouTube than they spend time while watching cable TV. YouTube provides so many videos that people can spend hours upon hours just streaming videos and still not have enough of it. There are even videos that can help in trying to figure out how one can make a great video, or how to solve a computer glitch or how to play a musical instrument. From outstanding cooking tutorials to fixing your flat tires YouTube offer videos on anything and everything.

Although streaming videos online on YouTube can’t be easier. But if you still feel the need of downloading them for some offline use then you are going to need a YouTube video downloader online. Now let’s talk about a good YouTube downloader online. The answer to this question is largely based on the preference of the user. QDownloader.net is yet another such tool that we’d like to add in our list.

As a SD and HD online downloader site, it helps its users in downloading and converting YouTube videos into MP4 that they can download easily with high speed. It not only has ability to download videos from YouTube but it also has a support for Instagram, BiliBili, Vimeo, LiveLeak, etc. With this website, anyone can quickly view and download their favourite videos off of YouTube without much hassle. Like other websites on our list, QDownloader.net is absolutely free of cost and its only requirement is a stable internet connection. So, using this website users don’t have to worry about how, when and what to download.

When you download a HD 1080p video using QDownloader, it will first convert the video and then let you save it offline.

11 – YouTubemp4.to

YouTube is without any question a great platform to watch and share videos. It has both paid and free content to offer. YouTube Premium is the paid streaming subscription service which offers ad-free streaming of all the videos that are hosted by YouTube and exclusive original content which is produced in collaboration with the website’s creators. But now it has decided to change that. They are working to make their original content available to everyone for free but with ads in order to expose it to a great number of viewers. It is definitely a great news for regular YouTube viewers as they can now enjoy more incredible content for free.

Now chances are that you will come across some fantastic video content that you might wish to save forever on your PC or phone. In this case, there is one easy solution for you or do you wish to go an extra mile? Actually, other than these 10 YouTube online downloader websites mentioned above, YouTubemp4.to is also a great alternative which is safe and powerful website which facilitates its users to find and download their favourite YouTube content along with the music easily, quickly and absolutely free of cost. You can do this by simply pasting the link of YouTube in the link box and clicking Convert button. Then choose the desired resolution and your video will be downloaded in its highest possible quality as a MP4 format.


  • Highly efficient and free to download videos from YouTube as MP4 online
  • Do not ask for your email or any other personal data

12  – SaveClipBro

All of us can agree that we stream tons of videos on YouTube on daily basis. It is undoubtedly a great platform where anyone can stream different sorts of videos like Storytime videos, Product Reviews, Vlogs, Gaming and Product Reviews, Tutorials, etc. But while streaming a YouTube video online users are always chained to their internet connection. If their internet connection drops, so does all the fun. Other than that, there is always the possibility of them being removed from YouTube. To avoid all these situations, saving your favourite videos offline is a great plan. But doing so requires the right website or software. SaveClipBro is the last item on our list which can be utilised in such desperate times.

It is a safe and free website dedicated to download content from famous platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Freesound, Instagram, BBC and many more. Apart from downloading videos from YouTube to MP4, users can also use this website to rip music from these videos using its YouTube to MP3 function. The music format can be WMA, AAC, WAV and more. As a web based website, people can use SaveClipBro on their smartphones, iPhones, PlayStation, laptop, Android or any other device that has a browser and internet connectivity.


  • Allow download of videos in 1080p in full HD if the highest definition is greater than it
  • Absolutely free of cost, easy and fast to download and also convert online HD videos from YouTube
  • Support various social media, music services, media libraries and video platforms

13 – KeepVid

It is a professional yet very simple to use free online YouTube downloader for videos and mp3. People can use it for downloading HD YouTube videos free online in just few simple steps. A big reason why KeepVid is liked by a lot of people is that it supports a lot of popular online music and video websites including Vevo, YouTube and Lynda, etc. All you need have to do is copy URL of the video and paste it in the downloading box. Now, click “Download” and voila! The downloading information will appear before you.

KeepVid provides three options to its users to download:

  • Full Video
  • Audio Only
  • Video Only

Users have to make their choice accordingly and then select the desired resolution. After right click and select “Save link as”. After this the video will start downloading.


  • Users get to choose if they wish to download full video, audio only or video only
  • Very intuitive user interface with simple operations


  • Maximum resolution is 720p only, whereas other downloaders can support as much as 4k and 8k
  • Free version contains irritating ads and features are quite limited

We’d like to mention here that unfortunately KeepVid shut down their online audio and video services abruptly. But the website still exists and offers tips and statistics regarding online music and video, for example, Ideas about the top three websites to Listen and Download music.

How to Download YouTube HD Videos Online

As compared to desktop video downloader, the online video downloaders possess many advantages. One great point of the online video downloader websites is that it saves time. If anyone is using some online website, they just have to visit site, paste the source link and the video will instantly be downloaded. After that they can leave the website and enjoy the downloaded videos offline or use it as they wish to. However, if someone is using a desktop downloader, first they will have to download and install it on their PC which is quite easy but is only a waste of time.

Now that you are familiar with the best online HD video downloader, it is perhaps time for you to know how to use them.

Step 1 – First of all, open YouTube and find the video that you wish to save. After that, copy the link present on the address line.

Step 2 – Now, open ClipConverter (or any other online video downloader that you prefer). Here you will come across a box. Paste the link you took in Step 1 into it. Now you have reached the video resolution interface.

Step 3 – Choose the ideal download resolution and format. In case you wish to save the video as audio only, then select MP3. For a good video quality, choose 720p/1080p HD or you can go for 4k/8k UHD if it is possible. After that click on the “Download” button.

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Final Words

So, these were some of the best online YouTube downloader websites we picked for you. All these sites are professional but very easy to download YouTube HD videos to MP4 online. All this without any unnecessary installation of any desktop software. But just like any coin, all these websites have two sides to them, one good and one bad. We have mentioned all such good bad features of these websites in separate subheadings of Pros and Cons. Thank you for reading!

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